Thursday, August 17, 2017

How Tonight's Big Brother 19 Double Eviction and Friday will work.

I'm completely cheating here as I am lifting my content from a Big Brother 16 post to explain tonight's Double Eviction.

Here are the basics of how tonight's show should go:

1. Recaps for 10-12 minutes. 

2. Julie will chat with the house guests and we’ll see Matt, Elana and Cody's “save me” speeches. (Extra propz to any of them if they would simply stand up, say “Hi Mom & Dad!”, and sit right back down.) Julie will also mention, to feigned surprise, that it’s a double eviction night.

3. Unanimous eviction vote (yawn) and Julie’s interview with Cody by about 25 minutes after the hour.

4. An HOH comp lasting three to six minutes. (If you Expect the Expected, as we all now do for #BB19, the winner will be anyone but Elana or Mark since they would shake up the house.)

5. Strategizing for a couple of minutes, and then nominations.

6. POV comp.

7. Strategizing again, veto meeting, and potential replacement nomination.

8. “Save me” speeches, the second elimination vote, and Julie’s second interview of the night. And then Julie signs off.

Feeds will then remain off until 9pm Pacific on Friday (12am ET Saturday) and when they return we should have a new HoH and two nominees.  Last year the feeds returned about 4am Pacific so I personally am quite annoyed that we are being kept in the 'dark' for an additional 20 hours since everything that happens on Friday after the HoH will be condensed into snippets on Sunday's show.

As always we will have our LIVE podcast on Saturday so tune in then to hear about everything that happened on Friday and Saturday and anything that went on earlier in the week that CBS didn't cover that we feel is worth mentioning.  You can find out more about the Big Brother Gossip Show at

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Guest Article: Why Doesn't CBS Care About the True Fans of Big Brother

Nick Lobuzzetta is a longtime supporter of the Big Brother Gossip Show. After word came down that the feeds will be down for an extended period after Thursday's double eviction, Nick asked if he could contribute a guest column expressing his anger. Of course, I said yes!

I just found out that the feeds will be down for a whole day after the Double Eviction for the Friday show. Even though CBS said it will be “worth it” this is the final straw for me. I am sick of the real fans of Big Brother, the feedsters, the people who want to see real gameplay, getting screwed every single season. All CBS has to do is listen to our concerns and show every once in awhile that they care about what we want. We are the ones paying to see these feeds. Even if it is a small price a month, I don’t think that means CBS can take us for granted.  

We don’t want vets in the house who the newbies worship like a hero and we don’t want twists to protect their precious stunt casting. Is it too much to ask for a fair game with real players? Find me one person who would rather watch Jeff interview Jillian instead of the fallout of a blindside and an HOH win!

Time and time again the fans say that having a houseguest leave Day 1 is stupid and not worth it. And what does CBS do? Evict someone immediately 2 seasons in a row. They make someone like Cameron go through the entire casting process, sequester him for a few weeks, only to have Paul come back and take his spot. I think I speak for all true fans that if that was us we would be pissed.

Last year we missed a handful of endurance competitions that were blocked for no reason, like the 6 hour endurance competition after the Battle Back. What is the one competition that every single fan wants to see again? The Pressure Cooker where people stand for longer than the usual 1-2 hours. When Big Brother finally gave us something pretty close to that we were not allowed to watch it. It felt like a giant middle finger to the feedsters. 

This year we missed the HOH endurance competition after the Battle Back that lasted 3 hours. And once again we are going to miss something entertaining, the best part of a Double Eviction, the fallout and seeing everyone scramble. It’s very irritating that we aren’t able to watch some of the things that make Big Brother great.

I know I shouldn’t complain, but it is so frustrating to see the biggest fans of the show get the short end of the stick to appease the CBS casuals. We love this show and will continue to watch it no matter what, but it could be so much better if production put any thought into what the superfans want. 

Thank you for taking your time reading this. If you’d like you can follow me on Twitter @NickGLob to talk more Big Brother. Be sure to listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show and if you want to show your support, check out their Patreon page! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Big Brother #808: Kevin Can Wait

If you've been following the Big Brother feeds, you may be thinking he's actually this week's target. Paul can't stop talking about his faults, and once you state a fault like this to Alex and Jason it's bound to be the focus of the conversation.

Yet Kevin isn't this week's target. Obviously, he can wait, and that's where we get this week's title. Kevin is bound to be Paul's next target. It's not this week, and it may not even be next week. Yet it's clear that eventually Paul is going to issue the orders.

That's not all we cover this week. Raven has her daily medical problems. Christmas has to have various men bow down to her. There's even some final two chats! 

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Big Brother Gossip Show #807: Only the Good Die Young

It was supposed to be a short show. Come on, how could a week where Josh wins HOH create enough material for even two hours?

Yet something weird happened. Something that actually gives a glimmer of hope into this season. Josh's goal isn't what we expected. Maybe he's not just Paul's clone. Maybe he actually is thinking ahead in the game.

Tonight's show covers the weird twists and turns of the week. It covers how Christmas appears to have a dozen different personalities, and how what she does at one moment is simply not the same as what she says she's going to do two hours earlier. It's a strange period of time in the Big Brother house, and maybe the minions (or some of them at least) have some game plans of their own.

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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At the end of the day...

Wow, another long time period between posts. I do confess that the Monday fiasco that occurred between Paul's minions and Jess/Cody left a bad taste in my mouth, so I wasn't too keen on the feeds. Yes, yes, I know that Jess and Cody have said and done some problematic things during the game but reading and watching clips of how pretty much the entire house went after them that day wasn't entertaining in the least. They did handle it well though, so there is that.

If you've been keeping up with the episodes, John's ticker update or on twitter, then you know that Josh is now currently HOH. Other than Paul fans, I think there was a collective feeling of let down when Josh won, because we all felt that it was essentially Paul winning HOH. Buuuuut...

It turns out Josh has a mind of his own. I mean, it's not exactly an articulate mind. Or a mind that makes sense to us. Or a mind that can always express itself coherently, without pots and pans, but he definitely has his own mind. And in that mind, he'd like to target Elena this week. She is his (current) ultimate goal. He thinks she's shady, that she's playing the middle, that she lacks loyalty. But I think I'm getting ahead of myself a bit...

Today was apparently a good day to be at work since the Temptation Competition took forever. I read somewhere on twitter that the feeds were down for over 11 hours or something. It was a timed comp; someone on Reddit leaked that it was the haunted house comp from BBOTT. Which hopefully it was b/c that was fun competition-a great example of how simple competitions are often the best. Anyways, when the feeds came back we discovered Cody had won, and Jessica had lost. So Cody is SAFE for the week, and Jessica is the automatic 3rd nominee. Which is best case scenario for them; guaranteed safety for one and guaranteed play in the POV (no chance at a backdoor). If Jess wins POV and pulls herself down, or Cody is picked to play, wins it and pulls her down then they're both safe for another week.  But we all know how often best case scenario works out on BB.

We shortly find out that Josh plans on nominating Mark and Elena, since he can't nominate Cody and Jess is an automatic nomination. He has a discussion with Paul regarding this; it's very funny because at one point Matt comes in and asks if Paul is going up as a pawn so that they're guaranteed POV players. Paul was essentially aghast at the idea, lol...But then he proceeded to tell Elena that he had offered to go up as a pawn before her but that Josh had other plans. Josh informs both Mark and Elena that he's nominating them. Mark took it fairly well, but Elena was PISSED. I don't really blame her; no one enjoys going up on the block. But it was funny to watch her lecture Josh on why his reasons for nominating her 'as a pawn' didn't make sense since there are other people (she named Paul and Alex specifically) who are better/stronger competitors than her. She also brought up non game related reasons, such as she quit her job, she has nothing to go back to, she has bills she won't be able to pay unless she makes jury blah blah blah. Body language alone told me he found her conversation tiresome. He pinched the bridge of his nose, blinked quite a few times, pulled his body away from her as she was chatting. Please note that Paul is 100% AGAINST sending Elena home. He thinks the idea is ridiculous. And truly, if Paul is against it, I don't see it happening. But it will be interesting to see how Josh reacts to not getting his way, because it'll be Jessica's HOH redux, but only with him at the helm.

When the feeds return, sure enough, Mark and Elena are nominated. Elena is still not pleased. There is a conversation where Josh talks about how she brought up Paul and Alex's name as alternatives to being pawns. Elena went off by herself to the Have Not room to make her bed, yet Mark stayed in the HOH room and hung out with the crew, including Josh, the guy who had just nominated him.

Jess and Cody then got into it with Josh. Well mostly Jess did. It was slightly painful to watch since we all know that Josh is targeting Elena. Something Josh said during the nomination speech set her off. Jessica said she needs Josh to pick a mood and stick with it and be consistent, lol. Let's be real, Jessica and Cody both have terrible social games. For everyone blaming Cody for bringing Jess's game down...if she were really good, she wouldn't let that happen. She has just as awful a social game; she and Cody feed off each other in that way.

Then there is an interesting conversation in HOH that starts with Josh and Alex that Jason joins in later. You can tell that Josh's intention is to let Alex know that he wants to target Elena, but he has to let her get her spiel out. And you can tell that Alex's intention is to insure that the target stays firmly on Jessica. I honestly don't know how true some of what Alex goes on to say is, but she starts out by stating she doesn't want Josh to get distracted by Jess's attempt to manipulate him by talking about the passing of Jess's father, that she thinks that was a dirty game move and made it was too personal. That the thing that bothers her the most about Jessica is how she sticks her finger up everyone's ass and her vagina and that the reason that bothers her is because Alex had a cousin who was raped and tortured and murdered and then the feeds cut. So I'm not sure how Alex tried to connect a horrible crime with someone play fighting and sticking a finger up someone else's butt, but you could sense that's where she was going with it. The feeds would switch back and forth between this conversation and the kitchen; anytime Alex brought up her cousin it would switch. Jason eventually joined them and Josh was finally able to get his agenda out there. He told them that they were his 'ride or dies' and that Jess and Cody will always be a target, but that Elena has ties to too many people. He told them that he sees final 6 being him, Alex, Jason, Paul, Kevin and Christmas. It was an interesting conversation to watch, especially coming from Josh's perspective. Seeing how he's trying to sell targeting Elena is interesting as well.

As of right now, it's really not working in my opinion. Paul still has way too much sway with the other house guests and the high tensions with Jess/Cody have not had enough time to pass for the others to overlook just yet. They do seem to be in agreement in that *if* Jess or Cody were to win POV, then they'd vote out Elena over Mark.

Another interesting tidbit is that Kevin is trying to convince Paul to work with Cody in the future if they do manage to get Jessica out. He thinks that if he extends that olive branch to Jessica (He'll look out for Cody, just like he looked out for her) then she'll tell Cody and Cody will be more amenable to work with them; they'll be able to manipulate him into targeting others such as Matt and Raven, before them. He wants to do this because he sees Cody as a strong competitor with a real chance at HOH. He said to Paul that if HOH just goes back and forth between Paul and Cody, they may as well try and get Cody to work with them instead of against them He also later brings this up to Jason as well. It's a sound idea, in theory, but I don't think Kevin understands how hard it would be to manipulate Cody. Paul says he's willing, but I really don't think he is. He flat out told Kevin at one point "There is no way Cody will work with me."  Paul wants Cody out in a bad way, and he wants to have an active hand in doing so.

Matt is getting a bit higher up on most people's target hit list as well. People are tired of his coasting; they're starting to notice that he does nothing, wins nothing and therefore brings nothing to the alliance besides a vote at the moment. Paul mentioned at one point that during his HOH blog one of the questions he got was "How many bowls of cereal does Matt eat in a day?" or something along those lines. I laughed. Paul's perfect hit list now currently goes Jessica, Cody, Elena, Matt. I won't be sorry to see DoorMatt go, but I'd like Raven to go first.

Most of the hard core game talking ended when the Have Nots ended at midnight. They had their weekly food orgy where they made copious amounts of food and stuffed their faces and I really wanted avocado toast as a result but had to settle for popcorn.  Feeds are currently HG's getting ready for bed and story time with Kevin.

I'm looking forward to POV tomorrow. I'm torn between rooting for Jessica because any time Paul's plans get thwarted I feel joy, or rooting against her because I tend to jinx those I root for, lol. I know I'm definitely looking forward to listening to Mike, Scott and Colette when they recap everything on the Big Brother Gossip Show podcast. Make sure to tune in live if you can! Mike and Scott are up to date on all the cool kid lingo these days and if you're lucky they'll talk about their current BB queen and how shook they were at the happenings throughout the week! ;) You can follow me on twitter at @Shienara33 if you'd feel like it. Or you could just go eat some cereal, whatever tickles your fancy. Happy weekend! :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Yes Christmas still has her power, the Ring of Replacement, here is how it works.

Christmas won the second temptation weeks ago and has yet to use it.  It is called the "Ring of Replacement" and it allows her to replace one of the 'extra' players.  It can't be a nominee or the HoH.  Since we will have 3 nominees for the next two weeks most likely there will only be two people to pick from.

The one way I can see Christmas' power come into effect to assist in getting Jessica or Cody out (this weeks goal by most) would be as follows: Cody (or Jessica) wins the Temptation Safety, then now safe Cody (or Jessica) is drawn/selected to play for the POV and Christmas isn't.  Christmas could then replace that Cody (or Jessica) and thus reduce the chance that the target for eviction, Jessica (or Cody), would be saved by the POV.

Update: The scenario for Christmas to need to use her power this week it is slim and she seems hesitant. If Cody or Jessica don't win (immunity) and lose (automatic nomination) the Temptation competition then one of them should go home Thursday.  

Christmas can use the Temptation at any time until the house is down to 6 people since then everyone will be playing for the POV.