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I now have a website set up where you can go to hear current and old episodes of the Big Brother Gossip podcast.  Please go to!


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Big Brother Gossip was started in 2007 (Big Brother 8) and has been covering every season of the US version Big Brother ever since.  We tend to be a bit rougher around the edges than some Big Brother sites.  We don't write with the expectation that a house guest is going to find our site and want to be our friend.  If you are easily offended, this site might not be for you, but if you can debate and discuss Big Brother in a mostly mature manner you might find yourself coming back daily.

So sit back and join us - here is a list of our current contributors.  This will change as people come and go each season.  Included are those that have chosen to contributed for the most recent season.  You can click on the authors name to find all articles they have written for Big Brother Gossip since June 2010.

Scott Hudson: A contributor since Big Brother Gossip's creation, Scott is the creator and host of the Big Brother Gossip Podcast, former music critic, and hosts several other Podcasts that can be found at his site Rant-A-Bit and he has two twitter accounts - @bigbrothrgossip and @paulisded.  Scott can be contacted via email at: hudson AT

Ash Masters: Ash joined us starting with Big Brother 13 and has been the night owl of the group.  Ash can be found on twitter @ashes2ashes13 and contacted via email at: ashleyuv AT

Indy Mike: The founder of Big Brother Gossip, Mike also owns and has followed Big Brother since it started in the US, initially moderating on one of the orginal Big Brother sites, Big Brother Fan Club.  He can be followed on twitter @BBGossip and contacted via email at: ilovereality AT

Target John was given his nickname by viewers of the annual charity fundraiser when they incorrectly guessed the red polo shirt and khakis he happened to be wearing were a work uniform. National news media coverage of controversial #BB15 contestants put our favorite reality show on John's radar for the first time -- that plus frequent (and, to John, mostly incomprehensible) lunch-hour ramblings about the show by founder Indy Mike. John writes about Big Brother from a newbie's perspective. Follow him at @uselesstraffic.

Yet to contribute to the current season (click on names to links of past articles from 6/2010 on):

"East Side" Dave McDonald is a national radio host for SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Listen to his show, the Davey Mac Sports Progam on iTunes and follow him on Twitter @EastSideDave. You can also visit his website-

CaseyElan is a longtime friend of Mike and Scott's who also happens to be the spouse of the aforementioned Eastside Dave.

Barb is another longtime friend of Mike and Scott's who frankly should be on every season of Big Brother - she'd tear that house apart.

More past contributors:   Ale, AshleyHamsterDame, Kelley and Lil.