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I am hopping mad!! Nominations are in - Sharon and Sheila are up.

Well the bots that be decided that the BB9 blog might be a fake blog so it is locked for up to 2 days while a real person comes to 'review' it.

So until there we can read and post about BB9 right here. I will be getting the other folks the permissions they need shortly.

Adam nominated Sharon and Sheila - thats about all I know for now.
With Adam and Sheila stuck together for the next 24 hours it will be hard for either to talk to Ryan. Meanwhile Ryan will be getting cozier with Sharon.

Reader Comments (13)

Wow, well I sure am glad that you have a "back-up" site! I don't know what I would do without seeing any blogs for two days!

Anyways, I would love to see Sharon and Ryan seriously team up and get Shelia or Adam out, I don't really care which goes first. Actually, now that Natalie is gone, I don't really care who wins.

April 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMonica26

The flip side is that Adam and Sheila could decide to work together and bounce Sharon. After all, the real power this week is the POV. If Adam or Sheila win it, the other has the single vote (If Sheila wins it and pulls herself off, Adam goes up and Sheila can vote out Sharon. If Adam wins it, he leaves it unchanged and can vote out Sharon. (1)). Assuming they decide they want to go with each other to final 3. If not, Adam winning it makes himself safe and decides who goes.

(1) I understood that if you use the POV to pull someone off, you can't be thrown up in their place, right? Otherwise who wants to take that risk? So, if Adam wins POV and takes off Sheila, who would go up? I mean, it makes no sense for Adam to use it, but what would happen if he did? Say to screw with BB. And I could see Adam doing it just to mess things up.

April 17, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterlmb02

If Adam wins the POV then there will be no change to nominations and Adam will vote out whomever he wants.

In essence he is using the POV on the person he doesn't evict.

April 17, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterIndyMike

Aw... and here I thought I'd found something so absurd I was hoping they didn't have a rule because "no one is going to be THIS stupid!"

And it has come down to this to find something of interest in the twilight of a dreary series...

April 17, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterlmb02

Adam really needs to win that PoV tomorrow, because Ryan is completely unpredictable right now. Otherwise, he runs a huge risk of going home.

I'm watching Adam and Sheila right now, and the S&M shackles are gone. :( Probably because they're alone while Sharon and Ryan watch the movie.

April 17, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterale

Damn those Blogger gods for screwing with the site!

Any talk right now can only be seeds until we know who wins POV. Then the real back stabbing begins. Can Sharon fly under the radar for another week?

April 18, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterbbfanto

i think if adam win's POV sharon will be gone. if he doesnt then god only knows what is gonna happen

April 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTony

I think I read somewhere that Ryan got a promise from Adam that if Ryan didn't nominate Adam, Adam would evict Shiela if he won POV. Not that I particularly understand Adam's reasoning in accepting that proposal since being nominated this week doesn't mean anything. And I suppose Adam wouldn't have to do it. Or Ryan might change his mind but... Well, I think it's possible that Adam might evict Sheila (could be interesting to see her reaction to that development).

April 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

If Sharon survives this week, I'm going to be really pissed. It'll mean that one of the odd couple is gone, which will officially deaden the house. If I have to watch her read the bible in bed, while twirling that little blankie for one more week, I'm going to stab myself with a butter knife. That being said, this shackling is the worst thing for these 2, because it gives Sharon a chance to solidify her "secret" alliance with Ryan. Lame Ryan and his lame "secret" alliances. Ugh.

April 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Here's how I see it:

First, and foremost, virtually every vote, every action, by the HG's for the entire season has been based on emotion and personality, not logic. At this point ALL votes should take into account only one single factor -- "who can I beat if I'm in the final two."

For that reason, I think Sheila made a giant error by tossing Natalie -- largely an emotional vote -- the one player she might have had a chance of beating in the final two.

If Sharon gets to the final two, she's golden. She needs four votes and looks to me that three, Joshua, James and Chelsia are a lock and it's very likely that Matt and Nat would be in her corner as well. And she probably would get Ryan too if he ends up on the jury. Attention other houseguests: get rid of Sharon or plan on receiving either 50K for second place or the equivalent of unemployment insurance for anything lower.

On the other end of the spectrum, I don't think Sheila can beat anyone of the other three should she make it to the final two. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all three to see her remain. (My reasoning: she's a big time whiner, she's in a different generation than the others, there's been nothing in the least clever or outstanding about her play and I think the "I'm a single mom and therefore more deserving" really irritates all the others.


Adam v. Sheila = Adam
Adam v. Sharon = Sharon
Adam v. Ryan = ???
Ryan v. Sheila = Ryan
Ryan v. Sharon = Sharon
Sharon v. Sheila = Sharon

So Adam better win POV (he has to worry about Sheila or Ryan stabbing him if either win and become the sole voter).

If Ryan wins POV, he'd be a fool to make any changes because taking off either of the girls probably would doom Adam, someone he may be able to beat in the final two, as opposed to having Adam vote off Sharon, someone he cannot beat (and who Adam recognizes as the biggest problem).

If Sharon wins POV she ought to nuke Adam as he's a far tougher final two opponent compared to Sheila.

If Sheila wins, she has a tougher choice. Adam is the tougher competitor so she probably doesn't want him to remain and have a shot at getting the last HOH (as opposed Sharon who hasn't been too much of a winner) and nuking her. On the other hand, if she doesn't nuke Adam and he gets the final HOH, she'd have a great argument to make to him of "take me to the final two because you can't beat Ryan." On the other hand, Sharon is probably the biggest threat as a final two matchup so she may be better going that way (though I think it's irrelevant as far Sheila's future unless she comes off looking really masterful in the last couple of competitions).

April 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterHart Dad

wow, well i feel shelia jump to quick and adam should had kept natalie and dump no good back stabing ryan and sharon. see people ryan was playing both sides with josh and the girls and going back in adam shelia and natalie face acting like you are teenmates and natalie talk shelia talk adam talk but never made a deal on the other side. those others was mean to natalie and josh talking about he never seem so many private parts. he should't look or told the girls to act in a kady way and show respecti feel shelia trast natalie and could have sat her down and spoken in a low tone natalie you are a sweet person and and watch how you carry yourself because i am no god nor perfect and so done bad things in my younger days and it don't get you no where in this trouble world but later you wish you had follow a pattern in life that spell secuess and go down that route.see people money is great but i rather have god, then love for all people andplay the game like natalie. shelia your move was danger and you and adam had the best player in the game. they both adam and natalie was stronger for you to protect and trust and you three could when off in shelia hoh room and put that darn puzzel together and won this would have had to leave but thats the game. shelia the boys talk trast on you and natalie career[past]both of you could had a pack. so what shelia if you got only 50,000 it was worth letting natalie win something because she help the game inprove and got screw.yes she told you [shelia] adam and ryan but you love you some nogood tothfaces sharon.sharon made a stupid move not getting with natalie. natalie was the men;s haircutter and the laddies hair care.shelia you cook and clean. you told them you was gettlin information from the other side but you was true to matty and adam and natalie and mess up by not talking game with natalie.sharon you was cruel to natalie because matty was playing you for the game shake.he should had been nicer to natalie. if he choose not to date her then sex should have never happen.that is if it did.
good luck bigbrother
sharon you sell houses and meet all people everyday and then you use natalie and treat her bad because matty kiss you.that was'nt natalie fault.matty date who you want but beauty will fool you okay.natalie was cute and a besmile.
matty its your right to choose and you came to play a game and could have stop it before someonre feeling get hurt.

April 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAnonymous

Anonymous, I think you have a lot of useful opinions but I can't for a second follow what you just wrote.

April 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterScott
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