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It's Me And You To The End Against This B*&#^

With those words, Adam has re-confirmed who he will keep in the house this week (Sharon)

Sharon went to Ryan earlier and told him that Adam wanted her to promise she would take him to the final two because he knows Sheila would if he kept her (and didn't vote her out).

Ryan thinks he might want to save Sharon with the POV and get her to vote out Sheila. Ryan really doesn't want her in the house - he feels Sheila will take either Sharon or Adam over him.

Ryan has a final two deal with Sharon and Adam. Adam has a final two deal with Ryan and Sheila.

Now Ryan is confronting Adam and he admits he talked to Sharon but that what he said was twisted by Sharon - he felt Sharon was saying that she had a deal with Ryan.

Adam is dead on - Sharon does have a deal with Ryan but Ryan denies it. At this point I don't know if Ryan would take Adam to the final two, I do think Adam would take Ryan, he was simply trying to cover his bases with Sharon in case she won the Final HoH competition - can Ryan really blame him for that?

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