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Big Brother Season 10, Episode 6 Recap

Tonight is eviction night, and since it’s pretty clear even to non-feed viewers who will be exiting the house tonight the big question is the HOH competition. What will CBS do to fill the time until we get to that final segment? Maybe they’ll go to Angie’s hometown and interview her family and friends. Doubtful, but a lonely boy can dream.
Better yet, I think CBS should take a trip to Ollie’s pastor father, and ask him what he thinks about his son’s late night activities with April. Or for pure comedy relief, let’s see what kind of meatheads surround Jessie and/or Michelle.
Enough with the fantasies, let’s begin with the show. Recap time…house guests enter…blah blah blah…Brian is evicted…blah blah blah…Jessie is HOH…Steven and Dan are nominated…blah blah blah…Michelle wins POV…tempers flare…Michelle doesn’t use her POV…Julie in her usual one foot in front of the other stance and the live studio audience…”but first”…(I actually wrote that a few minutes early, and I was pretty damned close. Doesn’t that say a lot about the predictable template the producers use for each episode?)
Keeping up with this template, we start with the reactions to Michelle’s decision to not use the veto. Dan is obviously “elated”, adding that his “plan to make everybody think I am a weak player is successful”. Steven doesn’t know what to do because Dan is one of his best friends, so campaigning to save himself is “stabbing my friend in the back”. Um, whatever.
Keesha wishes she had never made the alliance with Libra and the other hens, but she says she has to keep her word and vote out Steven. Libra says the plan is to get the “floaters” out of the house – Jerry, Renny, Dan, and Steven.
Steven comes into the bedroom where Dan is resting, and informs him that he tried to get Jessie and Michelle to put up Libra. “I was in a moment of desperation. I was trying to find a way to keep both of us here.” Dan says he respects the fact that he wants to stay, but the more he battles the more the house will want him gone.
Libra and Keesha walk in on a conversation Steven is having with Ollie and April. He tells them that he wants to stay in the house. Both Ollie and April say they have nothing against him, which causes Steven to proclaim that he’s getting a “raw deal”. Stupid Ollie brings up the idiocy of Steven’s friendship with Brian being the reason he’s on the block. “Who voted for Brian, and who didn’t? I don’t understand why you think Dan will be on your side.” The only reason any of this is being shown is to make us think there’s a chance Steven stays tonight.
The brain surgeons continue talking about Steven after he leaves the room. For seemingly no reason they show Michelle walking in, but after she leaves they talk about Jessie’s alliance with her, along with Memphis hanging out with Angie. I’d groan about this guilt by association garbage, but in this case they’re right. April decides that they need to “grab one of these floaters”.
Michelle comes up to the HOH, and, with Keesha watching, Dan follows her a few seconds later “to use the bathroom”. Once again, he offers to do anything they ask. Both Michelle and Jessie repeat the same spiel we’ve heard the last two episodes about respect.
We finally get to see our girl, who is sitting with Memphis watching the hens play pool. “Ugh, it makes my skin crawl to have to be nice to those two”, says Angie about Queen Libra and April. Memphis advises her that when somebody doesn’t like a person, it’s going to be obvious to the target of that hatred. Angie claims she’s been pretty good at hiding it. “I haven’t yelled at anybody.” Memphis says they can’t throw up a red flag, because it will make them stronger when they surprise them. Angie adds that they should keep Dan close to them.
A little later, Libra and Keesha are lying in their beds, and Keesha laughs when Libra says “these people are crazy”. Once again, Keesha mentions how Angie and Memphis are inseperable, as are Jessie and Michelle. Libra says she doesn’t like Angie, and April, who has just walks in, agrees. “She’s very conniving.” Hmmm, who are the hens doing most of the whispering? Keesha again pushes to save Steven, because he would be more loyal to them than Dan. “As soon as somebody makes that first move, it’s on.”
It’s now time for that weekly treat of Julie’s questions to the houseguests. For the first time, these queries are supposedly from the audience. The first one goes to Jerry, and it’s about the fallout over he being on the same team as Renny. Does he feel the houseguests respect him as a competitor? He says he’d like to “think they do…I think I can keep up with them. I think I worked as hard as they did…I feel I earned it.”
The followup goes to Libra, and it’s basically the same topic. Libra knows they’re referring to the blowup between her and Jerry, but for some reason she adds that “there was also a gender situation”. What? “Just making it an even type of thing would be great…slop for two weeks is no fun.” Meanwhile, Renny just smiles for the camera. Julie puts on her newscaster hat for a second to ask “so you’re saying age makes a difference”, and again Libra (unsuccessfully) attempts to deflect the question.
As I predicted earlier today, the next question goes to the happy (ending) couple. I don’t think Ollie’s too happy with this. “What is it about Ollie that first attracted you to him?” She says that he’s a great guy who is easy to talk to. Ollie’s question is about what his dad is thinking about their “showmance”. “I think my pops is all in favor of me finding someone who I can confide in; someone who I enjoy hanging around with. So I don’t think my pops will have a problem with that. I think what he would be concerned with would be if I were to disrespect a young lady…if it’s April or anyone in the house.” As for the showmance, he thinks his dad is “giving me a round of applause right now”. I think that depends if he’s been on YouTube lately.
Oooh, we’re going to get more of the Jessie/Renny fight, and their family’s reactions. We begin with some of Renny’s goofier moments, and then cut to her family in New Orleans. Her son Sparky (hehehe) says she’s “certainly the life of the party”. We get to see her collection of wigs and hats that she didn’t bring with her to Big Brother. Sparky adds that in the beginning, the younger people in the house didn’t quite know what to make of his crazy mom, and that “the way Jessie was brought up, I don’t think he was taught to respect elders”.
We then cut to Mason City, Iowa, and Jessie’s father. He was supposedly a “runt” who was constantly picked on, but his mom says he suddenly “blossomed”. Oh, Ale, there’s some beefcake video for you. “What people don’t know about Jessie is the goodness”, proclaims his mom. Yeah, you’re right, we haven’t seen that yet. Mom claims that Renny exploited that “situation” because she wanted to “make him the bad guy”. Sparky says that “mom did apologize, and he’s straight up lying. I think he’s ridiculous.” Jessie’s mom does admit that he lets “power go to his head”. Yeah, he does.
We move up to the HOH, and Julie asks Jessie about his constant quotes about “being a body without a brain”. Jessie can’t comprehend that question, so she has to repeat it. He babbles about his age (again), and how he’s gone through a lot in his life. We get a history of his bodybuilding career, but admits that his biggest weakness is “confiding in Michelle, and then people seeing us as a pair”. He also regrets not putting up Renny, and hopes that it doesn’t come back to haunt him.
Thankfully, the questioning is over, and we go back to the rest of the house. Dan opens his statement by telling Julie she’s beautiful, and then goes on to how fun he’s had in the house. Steven says he regrets the choice he made in the first day in the house (Brian), and then babbles more about stupid stuff he’s “learned” in the house. His last message is “suck it, bitches”. I wish he was staying.
Michelle goes in to vote first, and obviously she votes to eliminate Steven, as does Memphis, our girl Angie, and Jerry. After the commercials, the onslaught continues with Libra, April, Ollie, Renny, and Keesha. Yes, it’s unanimous!
Of course, even though he promised to go out in a blaze of glory, he quietly hugs the girls, shakes hands with the boys, and walks out. Julie starts the question with what’s harder – riding a bull or this house. Steven says it’s the house because “riding a bull only takes eight seconds”. And that’s it with the questions, as we go to the goodbye messages. Keesha’s sad and sorry, and Angie apologizes for not being able to help him stay in the house. Renny tells him he’s “beautiful”. Jessie makes it all about himself, and the respect he had for Jessie’s great physique. Dan informs him that being with him has opened his eyes to gay people.
Now the only real suspense of the night – the HOH competition. Ugh, in “preparation” for the contest, Big Brother was surprising the houseguests with “alien sightings”. Renny is great because it takes her forever to notice “because I’ve seen aliens on the streets of New Orleans”. Other scenes show items from the house disappearing. Ok, this setup is taking way too long.
The name of this game is Alien Abduction, and two people at a time are asked questions about items that are missing from the house. This should be interesting with this group of brain surgeons. April and Dan are up first, and April is out. Renny and Libra are up next, and Renny’s answer is incorrect so she’s out. Memphis and Angie are up next, and Angie is now out (ohnoes). Ollie and Jerry are now selected, and Jerry’s out with a wrong answer. Michelle is now against Keesha, and Michelle is now gone. Libra and Dan follow them, and Libra is again correct. Dan’s out. Memphis is now battling Keesha, and after a long delay Keesha’s answer is correct.
It’s now Ollie and Libra, and again Libra is correct. The final is now between Keesha and Libra. Yes, Libra answers incorrectly, so the new HOH is Keesha! (That’s not great for my girl, either, but certainly better than if Libra had won.)
We conclude with another quick interview, and Keesha says it “feels great”. Well, duh. Libra is asked what she’s going to do if she ends up on slop for a third straight week. “It’s going to get really ugly.” Uh, it already is. She claims to have lost twelve pounds, so “I’m going to shoot for twenty”. Good luck with that.
That’s it for tonight. Will Keesha show some backbone, or will she allow her supposed former friends to dictate her move? We’ll find out on Sunday.

Reader Comments (8)

Libra looked absolutely psychotic during that comp, I couldn't help but LOL.

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterale

Ale, Notice my shoutout to you in this post?

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterScott

If only he weren't such a huge jerk, Scott...or his head weren't too small for the rest of his body. Sigh. No one's perfect, right?

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterale

Angie's perfect - lol.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I said that last year, too. And I tend to say that now and then about other women I encounter.

What can I say?

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterScott

So who is she putting up???? Still to hard to tell?

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTrevor

I predict she goes safe with Jerry and Dan...unless Libra gets to her head.

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterScott

i wish she would stay strong and back up all the bad mouthing she has done of Libra and April and actually put them up but I fear she not strong enough to make such a bold move.....unfortunately.

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterChristine

Why would she make that move??? Where would she fit in if Libra or April were out?

July 23, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTrevor

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