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Poor Renny

It's just hours away from the live show, and they're all stuck together in the HOH while the crew sets up the house. While everybody fights off falling asleep, Renny is concerned about something she thinks was left in the oven.

I'm going to miss the old girl, and I'm happy that the producers gave her a bottle of wine to share with Keesha last night. I have a feeling it's going to be pretty emotional tonight.

Reader Comments (11)

What are the rules of POV? It should be that if you use POV to save someone then you become eligible to be put up. That's how the immunity idol in Survivor works.

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterHappy Hour

You can still be put if they use the POV on another player. That's one reason why alot of players don't use the POV- they don't want to be put up.

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPhoebe

I think it's the opposite on BB.

My wife and I feel that we are facing eviction from the house tonight as well. We could still root against Jerry but that is just low hanging fruit.

I don't care who wins among the rest of them. I don't really dislike any of them but at the same time, I am not drawn to any of them.

Looking forward to BB 11 and hope they have a good cast.

One suggestion to CBS....if you are going to include the aged in the cast...and I am referring to Jerry and not including Renny....pick more erudite people. Get older players that can show that they have learned from their maturity and experience. This current player is an abject failure in those regards.

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterZoot Mantis


If you can put up the person who used the POV, why in the world didn't Jerry put up Memphis? He was obviously pissed that he used it to begin with so why not put him up?

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterORChicka15

Zoot- I agree with your suggestion to CBS. They should pick an elder that people would aspire to be like. One that makes the young HGs want to be better people or play a better game. Did anyone catch Jerry on BBAD last night talking about the last two HGs in another season saying horrible things about a female HG? (Sorry-I don't know all their names, wasn't as into BB then.) Jerry was saying how awful he thought it was. He just said the same type of things about Keesha last week. Maybe alzheimers is kicking in?

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMaura

I have always thought that the person actually in possession of the POV was the only safe person in the house (besides the HOH of course). But, no one ever puts the POV winner up, so you might be right. I think that there are some experts on this board who know for sure.

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPhoebe

not only are you safe if yo uwin POV but the person you take off is safe...if you choose someone. otherwise memphis taking off dan would have put himself in jeopardy. obviously jerry would have chosen memphis over renny last week. in turn memphis is expecting dan to do the same for him if dan wins pov next week.

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commentercallie44

orchicka- nevermind, I looked on wikipedia and you are right- they are both safe- the winner of the POV and whoever, if anyone, they use it on.

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPhoebe

No worries. :-)

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterORChicka15

Phoebe...I like your smile. You are pretty.

September 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterZoot Mantis

Thank you zoot- that's sweet of you to say- although, on my computer my little avatar looks like I have a tooth missing- which I don't by the way- I happen to be quite fond of floss.

September 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterPhoebe

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