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Hello From Scott

Since the world-famous HamsterDame introduced herself, I guess I should do the same.

My name is Scott Hudson, and I've been writing for IndyMike's sites for the past four seasons. Unlike most BB commentators, though, I'm not a fan of reality shows. I gave Survivor one season, American Idol one episode, and outside of a couple of VH1 "whorefests" I don't give any of the other shows a second of my time.

So why am I here commenting on Big Brother? It's pretty simple, really. The live feeds (and Showtime broadcasts) allow us to actually watch (almost) every second the hamsters are inside the BB compound. We see the boredom, the inane conversations about meaningless topics, the creation of idiotic (and generally short-lived) alliances, and the shit-stirring that a contestant or two inevitably masterminds. We also get hints at how producers subtly create situations that can change the outcome of the game. Those who view the live feeds indeed get to actually know these people in ways that are impossible on any other reality show.

Seeing how this footage is edited into TV storylines is always fascinating to me, particularly when a contestant's TV image is dramatically different than what we endure on a daily basis. Season eight's Amber, for example, was given an all-American girl makeover for the CBS broadcasts, instead of the whiny, constantly crying imbecile that caused me to constantly mute my live feed audio. Even last year's controversial outbursts from Chima were drastically neutered when they were aired later in the week.

Now that we have my anti-reality bias out in the open, here's what you need to know about my "style". I already noted that I can be a bit wordy. Why use 5 words when you can write 5 paragraphs? I'm also quite sarcastic (big surprise, I know), and am not afraid to say that certain people annoy the hell out of me. Just remember that I don't take myself or the show too seriously. If I say that an individual needs to be put out of MY misery, that certainly doesn't mean that I think all of their fans are idiots. We're all going to have different impressions of everybody involved with the show, and there's nothing wrong with opposing views. I'm sure that's exactly why IndyMike has so many of us writing here. 

I'm also not a big fan of cliches. I hate alliances, especially those made in the first day or week of the show. I hate tired phrases such as "it is what it is". I hate CBS' rarely-altered directorial formula. I hate when it's a crime against nature when an alliance member has idle chit-chat with "enemies". Most importantly, I tend to be against anybody who thinks they're untouchable. 

There is one thing that I'm not against, though - attractive women in bikinis. :) However, please don't confuse my admiration for bare skin as being prejudicial when it comes to game play. It's actually rare that my choice to win is the person who looks best laying out in the backyard.

So here's to a great season!

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