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Big Brother Early Bird Special Info - SHHHHH!!

Sorry to be a tease folks, but I can't officially tell you much about the feeds or the Early Bird Special code/coupon/link yet.  We are waiting on the official word to give out those details!

I can comment on previous years for those new to the whole process - or if you didn't become a fan of Big Brother until sometime after the show started.

In recent years we have been offerred a discount if we were willing to commit to the entire season of Big Brother.  In the past the offer was made and you had to sign up by the day before the show started - you would end up saving about 25% over the cost of paying for the quarter and then cancelling.

What I can say is there WILL be an Early Bird Special of some type again this season.  What I can't tell you is when,  or what the price will be (and no one else is allowed to say any sooner than us here @ Big Brother Gossip).  Sorry!  But I promise you you will have LOTS of time to sign up before the feeds kick off on July 8th and from the sounds of it there is going to be a lot of cool things to check out with Real Superpass including...  oh heck - I can't SAY!!  ARGGHHHH!!!!!

Guess we just wait  - right Dan?

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