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Big Brother 12 House Details Revealed.

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Big Brother had the media day last week and they seem to give a wink and a nod to the folks and let them leak out details of what the house looks like.

One of those folks usually posts in very fine details what he/she has seen inside the house and it happened again this year (link to comment on BigBrotherDish) .  So here is some of what they revealed.  Nothing 'shocking' of course - it is after all the same house as it has been since season 6 - but some folks do enjoy knowing the theme.  There is at least one detail that seems a bit odd and perhaps might bring a new twist to the game - we'll see (read on!)

Allison had already hinted that the theme this year was going to be a summer camp/beach theme and indeed it sounds like it is very heavy on the "beach" feel.

The backyard has lost the pool table and a foosball table is there in its place - which seems to me to NOT be a good thing as it is a much less relaxing game and I doubt we will see much plotting over a game of foosball whereas TONS of scheming has gone on around the pool table the last couple of years.  Also in the backyard is a volleyball net - again - a fun game as a group - but not something that lends itself to two people playing leisurely.

Inside at the kitchen the look is that of a big cabin.  Without seeing it - it brings to mind season 9 when the theme was a bit “wintery” since it was on during the writer's strike.

We have a fish tank again - in its usual location between the kitchen and living room filled with tropical fish.

In the living room as was reported last week - there is a big screen with crashing waves near the couches.  This area keeps with the beach theme.

The first floor bedrooms have apparently gone through the biggest remodel.  There are now only two instead of three.  Without having seen it I am guessing that what was originally the "Gold" (hidden) bedroom in season six has changed in size and the other two have been combined (since the wall between those two was thin and had no cameras).  Not sure I like this either as it makes one less place for the HGs to sneak away to and scheme.

Theme in the smaller bedroom is a beach and in the larger is a cabin complete with bunk beds which we haven't seen since the first season of Big Brother.

Upstairs sounds perhaps like a boardwalk theme - with a gazebo where the chess board / couch has been in the most recent seasons.  The boardwalk theme is even stronger in the HoH room where it sounds like it is set up like a Fun House you might see while visiting a seaside resort.  Included in the HoH room are wacky mirrors, a fortune teller's booth and a spider is back in this room (spiders were in the BB8 hose) in a large tank - apparently replacing the fish tank that was our Fish Cam for season 11.

The downstairs bathroom apparently has an 'under the sea' feeling with shells for sinks, and blue lava lamps casting a blue glow along with metallic walls that probably are intended to reflect the light around a bit (but my guess is we won't notice that effect with the bright lighting needed for the cameras).

The room that I think may indicate a twist (or I may be completely wrong about) is the original 'workout' room which was a 'spa' room and most recently a ‘recycle’ room with the bikes and a big couch/bed in it. 

Described as looking like a "funeral parlor,” when visited by the media folks the room contained an open casket and lots of flowers.  What the heck can be read into that I don't know.  There was also an empty picture frame which said 'rest in peace' in the room - that makes me think of evicted HGs but I really can't see how having there picture in there or putting them in a casket would play into the game.  Also with the rest of house having a fun beach/summer camp theme - the funeral feeling just seems to be a real downer.

And there you have it - what do ya think?  I have three main questions after hearing about the new house details.

Will the foosball table be better or worse for 'game play' in the house.

What will the effect of two bedrooms be over three (granted - for BB1-5 there were only two main bedrooms)?

What the heck is going on with a funeral themed room?

Let me know what you think!

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Finally, for those that don't know - I have another site where I don't allow comments and post all the details of what goes on in the house every day (my own live feed recap of a sort) - I've been at it there since BB4 so be sure to check it out if you like to read mostly the bare bone facts - you can find it at

18 days to Big Brother 12!

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