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Annie: Evil Genius?









 I predict someday a picture of Annie will accompany the term "attention whore" in the dictionary. She has dominated the feeds since the feeds went live, and not in a good way. She's been playing multiple sides, stirring up the shit at all times. Because of this idiotic behavior, she immediately became the new target after Brendon won the POV. Yet, as of this afternoon she may have saved herself.

Everybody initially agreed with the idea of giving Annie the boot, but Lane stupidly informed her she may go up. Today has thus become Annie day. First, she told others that it was Britney who spilled the beans, and despite her pleas Lane, Hayden, and Matt don't really believe her. Meanwhile, Annie continued to work the crowd, even interrupting the love birds (Brendon and Rachel) as they enjoyed an early-afternoon cuddle.

Will Annie's seeds of doubt succeed? Probably not. While it is causing many to think about putting up Britney instead (and she is almost as annoying), Annie is bound to piss more people off by tomorrow's veto ceremony. Nice try, though. 

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