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Monday Update

Another boring day. The big excitement was a couple of hours ago when everybody was called in for an inside lockdown. They were all excited for a luxury competition (like these bozos deserve such a thing), but all that happened was that maintenance worked on the washer and dryer.

Annie has carried on today just like yesterday, working the crowd. She claims to everybody she speaks to that she has 3 votes, but only Lane seems to be buying her bullshit. Others just nod their head and agree with her, but it seems unlikely they'll actually vote to save her. 

The only major news from the day is that Kristen and Hayden have a secret alliance. The plan is for Kriisten to continue to act as a floater, and not be seen together too often. This is a smart move on their part. They also confirmed that while Annie keeps harping that Brendon and Rachel are an alliance, the two of them can be of more use (and trusting) than Annie.

Speaking of the loving chemists, they've spent most of the day canoodling. At some point Rachel may have to leave Brendon's crotch for a few hours to ensure that Annie doesn't convince others to save her.

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