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Shit Stirrer!

After a full day of pretending to be everybody's best friend, Annie has obviously discovered she has to make Rachel look bad in order to survive the week. Out of the blue, she came storming into the kitchen complaining about how Rachel is acting in a condescending manner to her. 

It supposedly first occurred in a bedroom, where Annie supposedly attempted to talk to Rachel. Apparently blown off, Annie pushed the issue. Rachel replied she didn't know what she was talking about, and rolled her eyes and mouthed "bye bye". As Annie was telling this obviously embellished story, Rachel was in another room with Kirsten and Ragan, oblivious to the drama that was boiling.

When informed of this drama, Rachel told Kristin that this week is also hard on her. "I knew this would happen. It's not fair. I didn't do anything." Meanwhile, Annie was now retelling the story to her only pal in the world, Lane, and saying she's oh so close to punching her. (Ooooh, please do!)

Brendon then came into the room, and Annie told the story one more time...and used the opportunity to tell him that he's stupid to align himself with Rachel. Brendon's reply is that everybody needs to act like adults, and that the two of them need to stay apart from each other. 

I have a feeling that this acting gig isn't working on the others, as "The Brigade" are all laughing in another room.

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