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Big Brother, Episode 3 Recap

After the hour of filler we witnessed on Sunday, I’m ready for some action. This episode promises to fulfill that request, as there is plenty of material that needs to be aired. First, we have the usual Tuesday…I mean Wednesday…activities that must be shown. Namely, the POV competition, the aftermath, and the POV meeting. 
But that’s not all we’re going to see tonight. CBS promos also promise a sickening amount of suck face between Rachel and Brendon. Although there’s more than just kissing going on (especially last night), I predict that producers are going to give them a favorable edit that makes it appear as if it’s just two nerdy chemists discovering their first real loves. Somebody please hand me a bucket…pronto!
Along with that sickening footage, CBS just has to show some signs that Annie is completely unhinged. While most of her idiocy actually happened after the POV meeting this past Sunday, she was showing evidence of her psychosis the day before. Plus, she reportedly caused a scene at the veto ceremony. She’s a natural born villain, so CBS can’t help but jump on that bandwagon. (Look for her worst actions to be the focus of tomorrow’s opening segment.)
Oh yeah, and prankster…I mean saboteur garbage. Ugh. I really wish CBS producers would look up the word sabotage in the dictionary. Silly pranks do not fit the description.
So here we go with episode three! After the (way-too-long) recap, as usual we see the reactions to Hayden’s nominations of Rachel and Brendon. No need to really recap these. They’re both confused and angry, and will do anything to survive the week. The others are happy. 
The loving couple retire into the bedroom to whine about being nominated, and Brendon tells her she has nothing to worry about as he’s the target. “He’s afraid of me as a competitor.” Cue the piano music as he begins tearing up.
Annie barges into the room, acting angry that the two of them have been put up. For some reason, Lane also comes into the room to ensure “he knows nothing of The Brigade”. Yeah, that’s a big worry. Annie adds in the diary room that she’s sad about them, but she also has to watch out so that she’s not considered aligned with them. Enzo walks into the room, and he’s not fooled, though. He sees right through Annie’s bullshit, and says he has to keep his eye on her. 
75% of The Brigade (minus Matt) are now outside patting themselves on the back. “They got devastated today”, brags Enzo. Enzo fills Hayden in on what went down in the room, including the fact that Annie is supposedly now in an alliance with them. Cue the psycopath, as she walks out to join them. She flirts with them a bit, but there’s definitely a chill on that couch.
The lovebirds are now shown climbing into the hammock, and Brendon is still upset. Get over it, you supposedly intelligent dummy! “It’s hard for me to deal with ignorant people.” Rachel tells him to not be sad, as the piano music cues up once again as he tears up. Rachel says if she wins POV, she’ll take him off. Oh god, she’s an idiot.
They cuddle up, and the sickness begins again. Inside the house, the rest of the cast watches as they pull a blanket over themselves to make out. Wait, I think there may be more than kissing going on. Annie pretends to puke. Britney says in the diary room that she thinks they “got halfway to home”. Yeah, I’d agree. Suddenly self-aware, the two look up to see if they’re being watched. Hayden claims these actiosn are making their “target get bigger”.
Jump ahead to later in the night, and Brendon heads into the HOH to talk to Hayden, who tells him that it’s “nothing personal”. Um, ok. Brendon complains that he just can’t campaign against Rachel, and that he’s got to win POV, and for some reason adds that Hayden should be worried if that happens. Then he somehow turns it around that Hayden should be working with him to knock out all the weak players to make a run for final two. He also claims that he thinks Annie can be trusted. Dumb move, as that apparently confirms they’re in an alliance. What?
After commercials, it’s time to pick players for the veto competition. After Hayden struggles to read the script, Rachel again babbles that she’s going to save Brendon because she supposedly has a higher chance to win against somebody else. What?
Hayden pulls out the first coin, and it’s Enzo. Brendon gets Andrew, which isn’t necessarily good for him. Rachel wants to pull Annie’s name, and is not happy when it’s Monet. In fact, she rolls her eyes, which obviously pisses Monet off. Hayden chooses Annie to be the host.
Before we get to the competition, though, the brain thrust of The Brigade is discussing POV strategy. This should be good. If Brendon comes down, Hayden wants to put up Kathy as a pawn. Matt doesn’t agree, and thinks it’s smarter to backdoor Annie. Enzo raises a good point, though. “If we put up Annie and she doesn’t go home, that bitch is going to start shit.” He still wants Kathy, because nobody will vote for her.
Brendon again comes up to HOH to attempt to form an alliance that will never happen. Hayden is still non-committal, but admits that he won’t change anything if he wins. Brendon again warns him that he needs to be playing for “three or four weeks down the road”, and that if he survives and wins HOH he’s going after him. He really isn’t very smart, is he? We go to commercials watching Brendon psyching himself up for the competition.
When we return, Annie leads everybody out to what Rachel says looks like a “Cinco De Mayo” celebration. Actually, it’s called “Cinco Day, Mayo”, as there is rotten mayo inside the pinattas they have to break open. Inside, there are cards with letters inside, and the winner is the one who spells a word with the most letters. Is “technotronics” eligible?
After the obligatory diary room babble about how they have to win, the game finally proceeds. Ragan is not happy that they have to sit in an area where they’re splashed with the rotten mayo. Ok, let’s just skip to the end. Hayden spelled “possible”, Enzo spelled “factory”, Rachel spelled “chemistry” (because her and Brendon have it), Monet spelled “cheaters”, and Brendon spelled “understanding”. Wow, maybe he is smarter than I gave him credit for. Yet, we still have Andrew, who spelled “pasteurized”. Well, he misspelled it. Hahahaha! Brendon has POV!
The Brigade is not happy, but stupid Rachel is! “It was awesome!” (Andrew claimed in the diary room that he purposely misspelled his word. Sure, buddy.) Hayden now has to make one more decision this week, and that’s one more than he usually makes. Needless to say, he’s confused.
Enzo and Matt have a discussion in the HOH, and they still debate between Kathy and Annie. Enzo thinks that because Annie is aligned with Rachel and Brendon, they need to “backdoor Annie and get her the fuck out”. They just have to let Hayden know their decision.
Having found him during the commercial break, Enzo fills Hayden in on the plan. “I think we have to make a Brigade power move.” Ugh. “We need a little fucking drama, man…I’m telling you she’s the best player in this house.” Britney wanders in, and it doesn’t take much to convince her of anything, let alone a plan that keeps her safe. She warns them, though, that they need to keep it quiet.
Later, Annie heads into the HOH to talk to Britney and Monet. Britney asks who she thinks is going up. Annie doesn’t know, and after Britney says it’s going to be one of the girls Annie says that’s why she’s scared. “I don’t think anybody’s safe.” Monet walks out as Britney stupidly tells her that Hayden had asked her if she thinks Annie is aligned with Brendon and Rachel. You stupid bitch! She claims to have said she knows nothing about that, and says in the diary room that this admission could “help me later in the game”. 
Annie is pissed, and storms out. “I don’t trust Britney, and I need to find out what’s going on right now.” She grabs Hayden, and tells him that she’s been hearing things that she doesn’t like. Hayden asks who told her, and she openly admits that it was Britney. Annie adds that she believes Monet and Britney will say anything to stay in the house. “I definitely feel that this is Britney trying to stir up trouble in the house.”
Hayden then runs into Lane in the storage room, and asks if he knows about the plan about Annie. He thinks that Annie can be persuaded to vote how they want, and that they can always get rid of her later. “If you put Kathy up, she’s a neutral woman. There’s not going to be drama if she leaves the house.” Hayden is now completely confused, as his own team is pulling him in different directions.
Oh fuck, it’s now time for saboteur garbage, as Britney complains they haven’t seen the Saboteur “in so long”. Sure enough, the computerized voice comes one, informing the house that “two of you are actually life-long friends, and if you think about it it’s actually quite easy to figure out.” Kristen makes her only appearance in the show, saying that afterwards they all gave each other funny looks. Britney somehow believes that the pair in question is Brendon and Kristen, as they supposedly had weird reactions. Plus, Brendon immediately wanted everybody to talk about it. Kristen, though, thinks it’s Matt and Annie. Lucas asks if there’s anybody that hasn’t been hanging out together at all. 
Andrew thinks that it’s actually Matt and Ragan, and that they’re actually a gay couple. Out of the blue, he stands up and yells that this definitely does not involve him, as “there’s no way that none of you are my friends”. WTF? Enzo angrily asks why, and Andrew babbles that it’s because of his being a Jew. Enzo laughs at this response. In the diary room, he babbles some garbage about doing anything he can to make sure people don’t think it’s him. Ok, this segment has gone on long enough.
As you may guess, we conclude with the dog and pony show that is the POV meeting. We know what Brendon is going to do, yet we have to still watch him stare at the wall of photos and call everybody into the house. Rachel still gets to make a plea, and she babbles about how this all sucks but “do what you have to do”. Which he does. 
Hayden then stands up and announces the replacement nominee is Annie. He tells her that he’s sorry, but she says that she knew it was going to happen. She mumbles some nonsense about lies, and mentions Britney’s name. As we go off the air, Annie starts bitching about Britney again, and says she’s not going to leave this place. Britney says she’s “tired of this fricking skank”, and that everybody “knows she’s loony”. Rachel also babbles some nonsense in an annoying singsong voice about having to save herself. Hayden is more worried about keeping The Brigade a secret than what will actually happen tomorrow night. Ugh!
See you tomorrow!

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