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My brain just went ridiculous. Thanks BB!

Several things for people to swallow.  Trust me, I can't even believe I'm thinking up such insanity, but with this game, who the hell knows..

Now, I am positive none of these people are big celebrities, but am I the only one that gets a strange feeling anytime any of these HG's pop up on the screen? It's like I've seen every single one of them somewhere else.  Sure, some of them look like someone famous (as seen below), or have this "they all look like someone you've known in your past" look.. but I feel like there's something else going on here. I can't ignore my instincts.  

Humor me people, I just thought up something crazy. Could it be possible that these HG's have celebrity or former HG family members?  Am I totally off my rocker here?

So the sabby brought up that a couple people know each other.  He/she also posted X's on Kathy and Britney.  Hmm.

More food for thought as far as location-wise when it comes to the sab's information:





As a silly sidenote, Rachel looks so much like Maria Kanellis, former WWE Diva.  It's uncanny.  

Did I mention, I love this game.. *swoon*


Edit: A few more lookalikes for fun.




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