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Unfashionably Late, But...

I've only been watching the latest batch of Big Brother house guests for all of a day and a half, but apparently that's really all it takes to form opinions of them. In all honesty, I wasn't quite as excited about getting to know these people after reading their biographies. They seemed bland and just...bland. Since I love to make lists, here are my thoughts so far in list-form:

Ragan: if there is a BB God (Oh wait, there is...a little lady by the name of AlliG!), I need to thank her for Ragan. I'm so in love (already, and he hasn't even really done much). So far, he is my diamond in the BB rough.

Enzo: Guido-fied Howie v2, just trying to "mastermind" anything and everything he can. He also seems to have some sort of sensitivity to light, what with his shades on indoors. Poor guy!

Rachel: Proof that a chemistry degree does not a genius make. I just...I can't even begin on this one. But I get the feeling that we're all going to be subjected to a horrifying April/Ollie-esque mess of a showmance as long as she and beefcake are in the house.

Hayden: Get a haircut, please! I don't know what you even look like under there!

Lane: Nice to meet you, chunky, creepy (BB10) Steven look-alike.

The Saboteur: Listen bud, you'd better get some real shit done in the house. This pansy picture vandalism stuff is weak, and you'd better step up your game and really screw someone over.

I don't really have impressions of the rest of the clan, as they've either not gotten any face time on TV or have been sleeping the entire time I've watched the feeds.

So, have a seat on my black leather couch, make yourself comfortable and tell me, how do you feel (about the game and its players so far)?

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