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Big Brother, Episode 4 Recap

 Welcome to the recap of the first live show of the season. Besides a live eviction and a new HOH competition, there is also the revealing of the over-hyped “saboteur”…an event destined to be anti-climatic.
So who is going home tonight? Will it be the supposed chemist, Rachel? Or bipolar, bisexual Annie? I predict that it will be Annie. Yes, everybody has at one point claimed they MAY vote to boot Rachel, but in almost every instance they were half-hearted agreements designed primarily to stop the flow of garbage coming out of her mouth.
As always, the broadcast commences with a recap that seems even longer than mine. Really, do we have to tell the whole story of the season so far? Even if it’s only been seven days? Julie is just going to repeat the major parts of it immediately after the narration is completed.
Before we get to the good stuff, however, we have a few minutes to show the reaction to Hayden’s decision to put up Annie as a replacement for POV winner Brendon. Britney, of course, is pissed that Annie babbled some nonsense about her as she took Brendon’s place in the nomination chair. “She’s a total psycopath. She’s not all here. She’s not playing with a full deck of cards.” Hayden babbles about fulfilling what The Brigade want, and Rachel says she’s sad that Annie is now nominated. Of course, though, it’s more about the excitement of getting more time with Brendon. 
Outside, Andrew tells Annie he’s always around to talk, which sets Annie off about Britney. She wanders back in, saying “fuck you, Britney”. Meanwhile, the lovebirds console each other in the only way they know how…but this time with clothes on. Britney has already told her about how Annie is acting, so she believes all she has to do to survive is lay low. 
Annie catches them as they walk out of the bedroom, and tells them to have fun next week. Brendon walks into the other bedroom to attempt to console her, which doesn’t work. Annie adds in the diary room that she feels betrayed that Brendon isn’t doing anything to help her. In full view of the rest of the house, she blurts out “I guess our alliance is over, Brendon. Boo. I‘m so glad we had one.” 
Brendon now heads outside to apologize to Britney, and fills her in on the “alliance is off” comment. Meanwhile, The Brigade are proud of their work. Matt says they’re “running the house”. Um, ok. “Nothing beats the brigade”, Enzo tells Matt.
Annie now wants to talk to Brendon again. “He’s my safe haven here.” She says she knows that there’s no way Brendon will vote for her, and Brendon attempts to avoid an answer. “No matter what I say you’re still going to vote for her.” Brendon says that he was hurt by what she had said, but Annie said it was just sarcastic. The sad music comes up as Annie tears up. Oh, boo hoo. Brendon gives her a little bit of the Rachel touch by hugging her, but it doesn’t help.
Done with the psycopath, Brendon goes back to his girl. She completely straddles in, but Brendon ruins the moment by informing her about his conversation with Annie. “Why the heck is he talking about Annie?” She’s pissed that it’s not all about her, which makes poor Brendon sad. Ugh.
Before commercials, Julie reveals that the biggest vote-getter in the question about the identity of the saboteur is Kathy. Could it possibly be her? I still say no.
We return to Julie, and she reveals the saboteur to be…Annie??? She introduces a package of her sabotage activities. I guess nobody could really be as psycho as she has acted this week. Too bad she’s not going to collect her fifty grand, and CBS is not going to get their five weeks of shenanigans. Or are they???
Wow, they just showed some footage that we haven’t seen on the live feed. The computerized saboteur came on and claimed that their identity is not one of those up for eviction. Enzo says that he really thought it was Annie, and they all continue to babble about it. More people now believe it’s Brendon because the wording was “escaped the block”. Annie claims that the message has helped her. Um, no, it hasn’t.
In the HOH, Andrew is talking to Hayden about how it HAS to be Brendon, and that it would be better after all to break up the relationship. Hayden says he’s contemplating this idea. Meanwhile, Annie is babbling away about how stupid it is to keep the house’s strongest alliance. She lets them know that Brendon is lying about being a swim coach. Monet says it’s a “huge red flag”, and Enzo reminds them that he was away from the couch when the lights went out. Annie continues babbling, saying she’ll kiss anybody’s ass to stay. In the diary room, she says she’s keeping her fingers crossed that she’ll survive the week.
When we return, it’s time for Julie to ask insipid questions to the house. The first question goes to Enzo, and she wants to know how slop compares to Mom’s home cooking. “Slop is like an ex-girlfriend. I want nothing to do with it.” Um, ok. They then show clips from the POV competition, and Brendon’s problem with his shorts. She moves on to the showmance (of course). “What is it that attracts you?” He goes on and on about her attributes…well, all except for the obvious pair. Julie then asks Andrew which saboteur message surprised him the most. He says it was the friendship question.
It’s now time for the final speeches. Annie goes first, and babbles about being thrilled to meet everybody. She says that while she won’t say anything bad about Rachel, she does have an advantage in having Brendon. “Brendon will take her through this game, just like Jeff did with Jordan. He has lied to me…he lied about his occupation to all of you. He lied to you about what he told me in the room earlier, and I really thought you were my friend. Unfortunately, I just don’t think you are.”
After being cut off, Rachel then gets up and babbles about how she loves everybody. Ugh, I hate her singsong voice. She really doesn’t say anything to make her case, but she does almost show her you-know-what. That’s enough for my vote.
So the voting begins with Monet, who votes to eliminate Annie. Andrew does the same, as does Lane, After a commercial break, the voting continues with everybody else voting to evict Annie. Since it’s a live vote, it does become a bit tedious for all 10 people to go through the motions. 
When Julie announces the vote, Annie quickly grabs her stuff and hugs a few people before heading out. Oh god, she’s wearing those awful shoes she’s worn every night this week. Julie begins the interview with letting her know that the viewers know the big secret. She asks her what she did wrong, and she rightfully admits that it was wrong to “play twice the game in half the time”, and that if the real Annie had gone in she would have been more successful. Julie then asks about sticking with Brendon and Rachel after nominations, and she responds that she thought it was a good move at the time. She also says that everything she said in her nomination speech was true, and that they were stupid in keeping the couple together. Julie then informs her that America thought that Kathy was the saboteur, which makes Annie laugh and explain that she’s a bit cuckoo. Um, but that’s what we thought of you! (Actually, I think I like the real Annie.) Annie does honestly believe that Brendon is the strongest player in the house.
In the final speeches, Hayden says that he thinks she’s great but she causes a lot of drama. Britney gets catty, and says “as a friend” she has to let her know that those “ill-fitting flats have got to go..and toss the eye shadow while you’re at it”. Oh Lord. Ragan says that he thinks she’s actually the saboteur, while Brendon claims that he really wanted her to stay. “I never wanted to choose between  you and Rachel”. Meanwhile, Rachel is also catty, complaining how she couldn’t believe she’d attempt to “come between my man and me. Like he would ever pick you over me.” I’m laughing as hard as Annie is watching that display. Annie gets so fired up she almost pulls a Rachel in her short skirt. She responds that Brendon originally attempted to hit on her, and 24 hours later settled for Rachel. “She should really be proud of herself that she got my sloppy seconds.” I do like this Annie!!! We leave Annie with her claiming that she has left behind one more act of sabotage.
With the drama now over, it’s time for the HOH competition. Wow, we all thought it would be a golf game, but instead it’s a “A/B” question game about the house guests. Brendon, Kathy, and Kristen are out on the first question, while Enzo, Matt, and Lane are out on the second one. They all pick the same person for the third question, as they all do on the next two questions. For the sixth question, Andrew is eliminated. Britney is getting fired up, and she does survive the next question. Ragan is now out. It’s now tie-breaker time, and the question is how many gallons of caramel was used in the veto competition. This should be good. Britney picks 41, Rachel guesses 80, while Monet picked 725. Rachel is the new HOH!!!! Oh boy, the majority of the house is not going to like that, but late-night viewers wanting sex sure will!
And that’s it for a pretty exciting night of Big Brother. See you Sunday!!!

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