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Saboteur Vs. Prankster


sab-o-teur [sab-uh-tur]

-noun a person who commits or practices sabotage.

prank-ster [prangk-ster]

–noun  a mischievous or malicious person who plays tricks, practical jokes, etc., at the expense of another.


So tonight's the night that CBS believes will rock the Big Brother world. The "Saboteur" is going to be revealed, as if anybody really gives a damn. It's been a dumb gimmick from the very beginning, and the plans to have the audience involved in their sabotage work will ultimately lead to another of those awful, awkward moments where the person will have to hug their biggest enemy. ZZZZZZZZZ!
My biggest problem, though, is that so far we haven't seen ANY acts of sabotage. Everything has been just a silly prank...with one possible exception. Think back to what CBS has shown in the first three episodes. There has only been one instance shown where an individual in the house has actually performed an act that had any real impact in the house.

This footage was aired last night. After The Brigade decided between Kathy and Annie as the replacement nominee, Britney walked into the HOH and promised to not let anybody know of their decision to put up Annie. Within minutes (or at least the next scene on the broadcast), Britney immediately informed Annie of their plans. Despite her bullshit excuses in the diary room, there was absolutely nothing to be gained by doing this.

So either Britney is an amazingly dumb woman (sorry, Brit's friend), or she's the Saboteur. We'll find out in just a few hours, I guess.

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