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Unnecessary Deals

We're minutes away from nominations, and Brendon is cutting a deal with Hayden. As expected, the plan is to put up Britney and Monet, and for some reason Brendon wants a commitment to go next go after the one of that pair who doesn't go home this week.

It's just silly for multiple reasons. One, he doesn't need to cut a deal with somebody who knows he wasn't intended to go up. Two, Brendon keeps going on and on about establishing trust with Hayden, but unlike Rachel he does remember last week. Hayden has no loyalty to Brendon, and never will...especially as Brendon keeps acting like a tough mastermind.

BTW, Rachel is in the room during this discussion but I have yet to hear her say a word. Oh wait, she just spoke. 

One more note. Brendon keeps babbling about eliminating the weak players. Please scroll down to a post I made last night about the idiocy of this strategy. Get rid of those you believe have a chance on winning. Not only will you then have an easier road to the finals, you're not going to end up losing to somebody who has the sympathy of the entire jury.

I should probably also include the results of the Have/Have Not competition - Monet, Britney, Enzo, and Brendon are have-nots. Looks like Brendon will have to leave Rachel to sleep in their combined messes after their late night couplings.

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