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Brain Surgeons

The idiocy level in the house rises every single day. 

Wheels are slowly turning in four feeble heads as a result of Britney's surprise POV victory. Well, the wheels in two of the four, as Brendon does Rachel's thinking while the little mouse in Britney's head is almost enough for her and Monet.

Britney and Monet believe Kathy is their road to salvation. Somehow they believe that they can convince Brendon...I mean put her up in Britney's place. Yeah, that's not happening. Britney also just came up with an idea to make a two week deal with them. Not that she would stick to the agreement. "We'd probably not win HOH anyway, but if we did we'd just screw them over." Ultimately, though, she wants them to put up Andrew, but at least she's wise enough to realize that's not happening.

Upstairs, the coupling chemists are plotting their next move. They seem to think they can convince Britney to not save herself, as they're really after Monet. Yeah, right. Talk moved to Matt and Lane. Matt probably saved himself by visiting for a few minutes with Ragan.

OMG, Kristen is now actually speaking! "Whatever happens, I have your back", she just told Rachel. She wants Monet out, too.

Oooh, Britney is now up in HOH promising to do anything she wants if Monet is saved. She offers the deal she concocted downstairs, and claims that Monet will feel so relieved that she won't go after them. Yeah, right. It's a real meeting of the minds. "Really?" "Really really", Britney replies. I don't think Rachel is buying her bullshit. Maybe she's the smartest one of the four.

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