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Matt's Shocking Offer

Ever since Monet's visit three hours ago, Rachel has latched on to the idea of putting up Andrew as a pawn. She has convinced herself that this is the safest way to ensure Monet is evicted, which is completely ridiculous. Kristin informed her this is a gamble, as did Kathy. 

Rachel finally summoned Ragan and Matt to ensure they will vote the way she wants. Ragan unconditionally said he'd never flip against her wishes, but Matt had a few questions. After having Rachel answer why she'd never consider anybody else, he learned that he was actually the other option. Rachel's explanation was that he was a person who nobody would consider voting out, but she doesn't want to do this because he's a friend. 

Shockingly, Matt said he'd be willing to be the pawn. For the next few minutes, Rachel attempted to talk him out of this, and they finally agreed that Matt would sort of feel out the house to see if he would indeed survive. He also wants Rachel to state during the veto ceremony that Matt is indeed just a pawn and that she wants Monet out of the house. 

Ragan is also a bit worried about this scenario, stating that in the history of the show early pawns generally end up being evicted. 

Actually, Matt knows there is no worries in this scheme, as "Der Bergade" members won't vote against him, and he knows that Kristen and Kathy are in Rachel's back pocket. It would be a 7-2 vote at the worst.

Edit: Ugh, Rachel keeps attempting to talk Matt out of it. "I just don't want to do it." Shut up! You have somebody volunteering to be nominated!

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