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Who Will It Be?

Matt or Andrew? Rachel has given most of her housemates the impression that she's putting up Matt as a pawn, something that he himself encouraged. However, for the present moment, she seems to have designated Andrew as the replacement nominee. But in true drama-whore fashion, she wants it to be a complete surprise to everyone (despite giving Andrew a heads up that he may be going up).

Andrew would actually be a really fascinating choice, considering that Enzo and Matt were just in the midst of talking about how much they want to vote Andrew out and keep Monet. In addition, they're making it very clear that despite the 'deals' they've made with the showmance couple, Brandchel are still their number one targets. Matt is definitely the safer choice for a replacement nominee, but putting up Andrew would really stir the pot. Decisions, decisions. What will Brendchel do?

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