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The New Nominee Is...

Before I announce the spoler, it should be noted that last night was a complete repeat of the previous evening. Rachel went around and around and around about whether to put up Matt or Andrew. Ragan and Kristen pushed hard for Matt, explaining that it's too dangerous to put up Matt. Rachel was insistent that she had to put up Andrew. This went on for so long that she unknowingly created the house split that she claimed this nomination would showcase - Rachel, Brendon, Hayden, Kristen, Kathy and Ragan in the HOH, with everybody else in the backyard talking about them.

So the veto meeting just occured, and Rachel nominated Matt. She apparently wore next to nothing (big surprise), and told the whole house that Matt volunteered to go up. This portion of her big strategy has seemed to backfire, as Matt has denied it and most of the others don't believe it.

Currently, the Mean Girls are outside gossipping about all of the other girls. I don't get why they just don't say these things directly to Rachel's face. Britney has obviously been crying (again), and is whining that she just wants to go home now as she's making less money for nothing but bullshit. They've harped on Kathy's voice, smoking, and lack of intelligence, and don't believe for a minute that Rachel is a "chemist". "She's an alcoholic chemist...every time she doesn't wear pants I feel like STD's have gone airborne." Monet added that she put her up "because she was jealous that I don't look like a stripper ho". I imagine this is what the next three days will be like.

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