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Finally Some Drama

It started out as a typical day. The Mean Girls gossiped about the other girls, Matt consolidated various alliances, and Rachel's head was in Brendon's lap. Suddenly, the little bit of fun that we've been praying for finally occurred. Even while re-watching on Flashback, I can't quite get what's going on. Supposedly, Britney and Monet were claiming that Kristen pledged to save Monet, and that somehow brought not a confrontation between Britney and Kristen, but tears to Kathy as she was accused of conjuring up this rumor.

Kathy ran in and informed the rest of the house what was going on, and Rachel decided to call them out. The Mean Girls denied all wrongdoing, and Monet finally walked away before she decked Rachel. Britney then broke down in tears, and Kathy whined that she wants the childish antics to stop.

This goes on and on and on with various pairs conferring with each other. Eventually, Britney ended up in the HOH with Britney defending her actions. Rachel claimed to have attempted to stop others from talking bad about her. Britney's response? "I don't know why anyone would talk bad about me." Both of them continued to lie about how they like each other or won't target the other, and I'm sure this will go on all night long.

Edit: Now Britney is BFF's with Brendon and Rachel, and is using her newfound friendship to see if they can save Monet. They're claiming it's out of their hands, but it will be interesting to see if these feeble chemists will now go after Matt.

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