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Matt Calls the Chemists Bullys

This is just fucking ridiculous. They're having a house meeting about Matt, and not a person is telling the truth. Matt is claiming that Rachel is "strong arming" people, and he volunteered to go up because that he was being forced to vote how they wanted. Rachel isn't coming off any better (big surprise). None of the rest, outside of Britney, want to be there.

If you're drinking tonight, the word to use is "strong arm". It's being repeated over and over. 

Edit: The meeting is over, and as expected Rachel ended up looking the worst. Her self-assurance that she's so honest and pure, and playing the game with loyalty and character, made her look like a complete idiot. Yes, Matt was caught volunteering to be nominated, but the only people that matters to is Britney and Monet. 

Outside, the other three members of the Brigade confirmed that they still want Monet out, but are bitching that it was stupid of Matt to volunteer to go up.

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