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Meet the New Target

Damn, Britney is good. She fed Rachel everything she needed to put Matt as the cause for all the ills in the house, and now Rachel wants Matt to go. She's now up in HOH with Kathy and Ragan spilling everything that Britney has told her. Neither are real excited about this new plan, as both have been exposed to Britney's bullshit. Ragan has finally admitted that he talks to Matt all the time, and he's never said anything bad about either of them. (Yeah, right). Maybe if Rachel and Brendon weren't so busy going down on each other they'd notice not only Matt and Ragan's friendship, but The Brigade and other relationships. No matter what happens, their only hope for not being nominated next week is for a Brendon HOH victory. I doubt that Big Brother will allow that to happen. After all, as Rachel proclaimed all weekend, "it's reeeeeeeeeeeee-allllllll-i-teeeeeeeeeee television!"

Edit: Oh great, Ragan wants a house meeting. Those never end well.

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