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Backyard Picture - Possible Endurance Competition Tomorrow?

The house guests have been on an inside lock down for most of the day and they are speculating that they will have an endurance Head of Household (HoH) competition tomorrow. 

I went back and looked to see when the first endurance competition was for the last three sumer seasons  (BB8, BB10 and BB11) and they were after the 4th, 3rd and 3rd eviction respectively so having it tomorrow after only the second eviction would be a bit of an 'unexpected' moment i guess.  I really didn't think it was going to happen but then this image popped on the live feeds @ 3:23pm on both camera 1 and 3 (those of you with the live feeds can use the flashback feature to see it for yourself).

Now to me it looks like a rigging for something - and obviously not completed - but it will be something BIG.  So it is very possible it will be an endurance competition. 

Endurance comps are usually slanted to favor certain house guests.  Ones involving hanging are usually best suited for small, light house guests that have to support the least amount of weight.  So if it is a hanging competition and Monet has been evicted as we expect, I would look towards Britney, Kathy, Matt and possibly Enzo to be the Hgs favored to win.   Kathy did terrible hanging on to the hot dog in the first competition so that leaves three HGs that are currently not aligned with Brendan or Rachel - which might be what the producers hope happens as a way to balance out the house and also up thr drama.

Do you think its an endurance competition tomorrow?  Think Britney might be whom the producers want to win? 

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