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Live Show Tonight. Bye Bye Monet!

Looks like a lock - just a matter of how many votes she gets.

Monet - we hardly knew ya!

I mean that - we hardly knew you, you didn't really bring anything to the house or the game.  Best of luck in the real world!  I'm guessing you will be one of those former HGs we never hear from again.  By my count there have been 143 house guests so there are really a lot that we just never hear from.

So at least you weren't the first out this season - thats small comfort I suppose - and hopefully the $10k you won comes in handy!  And....  well...  thats about all I got!

For those reading this before the show - still looks like it also might be an endurance competition - although the HGs have NOT been told to dress comfortably that I have seen - or at least I haven't heard them talk about it - it really is possible that tonight will just be some HUGE set and the winner will throw a ball through a hoop or something.  I hope it is an endurance competition though because they are always exciting.

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