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It's been pretty nutty the last 24 hours. At this time last night, the seemingly general consensus was that Kathy needed to go. Besides Kathy's poor performance in every competition so far, Der Bergade's theory was that Andrew's presence would help them remain under the radar for at least another week. Yes, that unstoppable force are scared of a goofball.

Too bad Brendon and Rachel had no idea the rest of the house felt this way. They've spent so much time staring into each other's eyes that they've been paranoid that Andrew was in danger. Brendon spent much of the day conceiving a plan that would somehow ensure Andrew survived. During the veto ceremony, Andrew called Brendon out as a threat to the house and that he was going after him...just as Brendon wanted.

Unfortunately, the plan backfired as everybody saw right through it. Enzo was overheard at one point saying that he no longer cared that he was on slop as that "performance" was the highlight of his week. It also didn't help that Rachel can't act worth a shit. Although she wasn't clued in on Brendon's master plan, her overacting after it occurred did nothing but erase any doubts the rest of the house had about Andrew's actions.

The best part of this charade is that it caused a big tiff between the two not-so-bright lovebirds. Too bad it didn't last very long.

Even before all of this went down, though, Kathy was carrying on with her pleas for sympathy. She's no longer a cancer survivor; she's a cancer victim (sorry if I offend anybody with that). She's also gone on and on to many people about how she's in this game to provide for her family's future without her. Does she expect everybody to just hand her the half-million prize? 

One more item of interest - Andrew apparently through the veto competition to Brendon. Now I can't wait to see Wednesday's CBS episode to verify this story.

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