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Power Of Veto Ceremony - Sounds Like Rachel Isn't A Thespian!

Today during the Power of Veto ceremony - in which Brendon didn't use it - Andrews speech was apparently some over the top thing about how he wanted Brendon to use it because he is 'gunning' for him.  He must have said some other things because Rachael somehow was a part of the whole thing (can't she stay out of anything?). 

Afterwards most of the Hgs talked about how they didn't buy Rachel's act, as a matter of fact they think her reaction to his speech showed that Andrew was in reality in alliance with Brendon and Andrew (something Kathy has been saying all along to those that would listen).  Somehow word of this got back to Andrew and he went in to tell Rachel and Brendon people suspect it was an act because Rachel reacted so strongly.

Enzo said it made his week - because it was so weird.  He doesn't even mind being on slop this week after that show.

I really think Andrew, Rachel and Brendon have now set them selves up as the small alliance that will be dealt with next - there are really no other groups against one another in the house.  If I had to bet I would say Andrew is out next and unless Brendon or Rachel win HoH - one of them will go next week.

New alliances and more splintering will be coming very soon.  Especially if Brendon or Rachel win HoH on Thursday.

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