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How To Use Flashback To Watch The Big Brother Feeds

With things a bit slow the last couple days - you might like to check out Flashback to see some things that happened earlier in the season.  So I have made up a simple explanation of how to get to (and use) flashback using Real's default system. There are a few stand alone players out there that I will review in the near future as well.

First off - you need to be a subscriber - you can get a free three day trial by simply clicking on any of the links you see scattered around the site or just by clicking Here.

So assuming you have that - log in to your superperpass account via this link:

Once you have logged, click on the Big Brother link at the top of the page.  Then  the following screen will show (pictures will of course look different):

On the left hand column is an option for "Flashback Season 12" (I've highlighted it in the image above).

Click on that link to get to the Flashback page where you can view the old feeds as seen below:

It should be fairly simple from then - select the date, time and camera and click "GO" and your video should start playing in the window above the calendar. 

Some additional info:

One 'bug' in the new system is that the cameras do not all 'sync' up - in other words if you see something happen in the "Quad" cam and note the time - you may have to try a few minutes before or after that time on the individual cameras to see the same thing.

Another 'bug' is that the 12am-3:59am times are always a day off.  To see 7/28 @ 3am you actually need to select 7/27 @3am.  This is because the cameras/feeds are reset around 4am each day. (8/5/10 THIS SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN FIXED FOR MORE RECENT DAYS)

The cameras on the quad cam view are laid out as follow:

1 2

3 4

Keep that in mind if you are using the quad cam to find specific events.

With all that noted - here are some things you can go watch using flashback:

7/27/2010 3:29am Camera #1 or #2 Ragan talks to himself and us about his plans.

7/26/2010 11:15pm Camera #1 Britney talks about her imaginary nemesis Nicole quite funny.

7/26/2010 4:48pm Camera #1 Rachel is upset & talks to Brendon after the POV meeting - she reveals she didn't know what Andrew was going to say and Brendon talks about how Andrew threw the POV competition for him.

7/26/2010 1:48pm Camera #1 Hayden and Kristen kiss - the first daytime kiss I am aware of - go back a few minutes earlier for the flirting that led up to it.

7/22/2010 2:59am Camera #3 The Brigade meets after Matt has won HoH - they discuss the now foiled plan to 'back door' Brendon.

You can check out this post on to see some additional time specifically related to Sundays show and see them on flashback.

See the Live Feeds for yourself! Free 3 day Trial. You can also use Flashback to go back and see what you have missed!

Watch  Big Brother 12 on SuperPass!

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