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Big Brother, Episode 10 Recap

Big Brother fans are used to disappointment, as nothing ever lives up to the hype. THE GREATEST TWIST IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY is always a flop (ala the Saboteur), and big moves that promise to shake up the house always flounders as the person involved has second thoughts. 
Tonight, prepare to be disappointed once again. For the past two days, Andrew has promised that he will unveil secrets to the entire house tonight in the moments before voting commences. I’m not holding my breath, as he’s bound to lose his nerve once the TV cameras focus on him.
Even if he follows through on his promise, the so-called big secret about Hayden and Kristen’s relationship is pretty much known throughout the house. Kristin may freak a bit, but Hayden will just shrug his shoulders. Only Rachel is bound to truly freak out, because a). she’ll jump at the chance to hog the spotlight and b). she’s so self-absorbed she’s pretty clueless as to what’s going on outside of her sickening relationship with “Mangina” Brendon. The rest of the house will just react as they did on last night’s broadcast, when poor acting about going after Brendon and Rachel solicited nothing but eye rolls.
Speaking of Andrew’s horrific veto ceremony speech, we kick off tonight’s show with reactions from the house. Oh, who are we kidding? Only Brendon and Andrew believed it accomplished anything other than solidifying the need for him to leave. Oh, and Rachel was fooled. “I am so sick of living in a house full of haters!“ What a buffoon!
Rachel completely fell for Andrew’s speech, and doesn’t believe it when Brendon explains that it was a plan. “I feel so betrayed. Brendon’s not supposed to keep secrets from me. Who is he in a relationship with - Andrew or me?” Ugh. She’s just oh so tired of people targeting them. Whatever.
Upstairs, Matt, Lane, and Ragan are laughing about the poor acting, and Britney joins in on the fun. Rachel is so useless that they believe her over-the-top reaction meant she was in on it. Matt brings up Andrew to let him know that people didn’t believe his performance. Andrew denies that Rachel was involved in any plan, and understands he fucked up.
Back to the fighting chemists. Rachel is still pissed that Brendon was keeping secrets from her. Brendon attempts to deflect the problem by saying he loves her, but she continues on with her whining. Oh god, they’re sickening. 
Oh boy, now it’s time for the segment they sort of skipped last night. Nothing against Kathy and her struggles in life, but we’ve had to endure her story all week. She’s letting Ragan in on how she needs the money because there’s a good shot that the chemo she took for her cancer will lead to leukemia, and she needs to provide for her son. We’re led to believe that Ragan was going to keep Andrew but is changing his vote because Kathy is a “fighter”.
The storytelling continues as Kathy is now informing Kristen (actually her second conversation), and Andrew is watching from the pool table area. He’s now pissed that Kristen hasn’t said anything to him since the veto meeting. “I feel almost like an outcast or a leper.”
Wearing different clothes, we now see Andrew’s emotional reaction to what’s going on as he cries in the have-not room. He walks into the bathroom and informs Kathy and Kristen that he knows she’s “playing me like a fiddle. Don’t do it anymore.” Kristen is pissed, and follows him into the bedroom. It’s all a fight over the fact that neither of them have come to the other and talked. Silliness, and the final nail in Andrew’s eviction…especially as the rest of the house hears the fuss and listens in. 
Der Bergade is now upstairs talking about this silliness, and Matt says that he’s leaning towards keeping Andrew because he’s a bigger target than Kathy. “It’s not always about who you vote out, but who you keep in.” So we’re now supposed to believe that it could go either way.
After the break, we get Julie’s questions to the house. Rachel gets the first question, and it’s about people publicly declaring they’re targeting the two of them. Is she surprised she’s not on the blocked. She’s not just surprised, she’s “shocked”! Lane is asked what he misses the most from home, and we get the definition once again of “spotlighting”. Enzo is then asked about Britney’s jokes about his accent, and I didn’t understand a word he said in response. Please move on, Julie. The good news from the silliness is that nobody will be on slop next week.
Ooh, we get a segment with Matt’s wife. She says he “lacks all common sense”, and we see her and her friends watching Matt babbling about her having a rare bone disease. She was shocked, and doesn’t agree with him doing that. We see more footage of the lie, and she says that she doesn’t think he thought about all the repercussions. It is somewhat humorous to watch him squirm as Kathy talks about how she hates people who lie about diseases. 
After another break, we get Julie’s interview with Matt. She asks him about the phony disease, and he says that he thinks the “lie is working perfectly”. He does admit that he may have offended some people, but he’s playing to win. Der Bergade is up next, and the fact that he went against them to not nominate Brendon and Rachel. He says he has to play for himself a bit, and by saving them he gives himself an extra week. Julie then asks if there’s a “weak link” in his alliance, and he admits that Hayden’s possible relationship with Hayden makes him the weakest of the four.
So here’s the moment of truth. Will Andrew actually fulfill his promise? Kathy goes first, though, and goes on about loving everybody. She lost me after that. 
Andrew then leaps to his feet, and after saying he loves his family he goes on the attack. He says that although everybody in the house thought he was going after Brendon and Rachel (they didn’t), there’s actually a stronger relationship in the house. “It’s Kristen and Hayden, and you need help to get this relationship out. When I was in the Taj Mahal room sleeping at night, these two would get together. They were doing massages and kisses and more…you have to break two alliances in this house.” He then goes down what they have apparently said about everybody else. Wow, this is pretty good, but when he turns his attention on Kristen it goes a bit too long. Both Kristen and Hayden heckle him as Julie attempts to start the voting.
The voting begins with Kristen, and guess who she votes to evict? Yes, it’s Andrew, as does a laughing Rachel. Britney is up next, and she does the same. Andrew is seen still arguing with the second loving couple, as we go to break. Enzo is the first after the commercials, and he votes to evict Andrew, as does Brendon, Lane, Hayden, and Ragan. Yes, it is unanimous. No big surprise.
When the news is given to the house, Andrew still hugs everybody, but Hayden throws out a few shots as he walks past them. Julie says that it was the best speech she’d ever seen yet he didn‘t receive a single vote, and Andrew says that nobody “wants to make their own vote on their own”. Julie follows it up by asking why he didn’t attempt to blackmail Kristen and Hayden, and he thinks maybe that would have been a better plan. He does still think his veto ceremony plan was a good idea, and that maybe Hayden and Kristen sabotaged it. Asked what he whispered to Hayden on the way out, he says that he told Hayden he was a “good guy and you got to get away from Kristen”. Julie then asks about the phony illness, and informs him that while the disease is real “his wife is fine”. 
For the goodbye messages, Matt says that he really did plan on him just being a pawn. “It just turned out that you dug your own grave in this one”. Kristen is still pissed about their fight, and says that it shouldn’t have taken an argument for them to talk. Brendon still loves him, though. “You risked a lot just being my friend.” Ugh. Rachel, though, wasn’t sad to see him go, and for the third straight week screams about hwo nobody is going to come “between me and my man”, but adds “especially not another man. Ewww!”. She has to go next week! Hayden says nothing but nice things about his faith and integrity. Something tells me he’d have different things to say if he was to redo that now.
It’s now time for the HOH competition, and it’s a one-on-one question contest about past competitions. Britney and Hayden are up first, and Britney is eliminated. In a smart move, he chooses Brendon and Rachel to go against each other. Brendon is knocked out, but Rachel bolts before choosing the next players. Finally, she chooses Kristen and Hayden. Kristen wins this one, and picks Kathy and Rachel. Rachel wins because Kathy once again failed with an incorrect answer. She now chooses Kristen and Enzo, with Kristin winning. She then chooses Rachel and Ragan, and Rachel again wins. Lane wins this round, and goes up against Rachel for HOH. Rachel wins!!! Oh Lord, this week is going to suck!
The show is not over, though, as Julie announces that next week “Pandora’s Box” returns, with a new saboteur “unleashed” back into the game. America gets to vote on which house guest we want to have as the saboteur, and they get to win $20,000 if they succeed. Please vote for Matt!
Well, that’s it for this week. While the Andrew situation did play out as an entertaining segment, Rachel’s HOH victory ruined the entire night for me…and a good portion of the feed watchers I know…although I’m enjoying the Kirsten/Rachel fight as the show goes off the air. See you Sunday!


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