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Guess Who Won Veto?


Yes, it was my girl Britney, and Kristen has to wear a unitard her last few days in the house. It appears that it was one of those competitions where you can keep the veto/prize you won, or exchange it with a prior contestant. Rachel won $5,000, Enzo received a TV, Ragan scored a "veto ticket" and Hayden "won" 24 hours of slop and (unofficially) solitary confinement in the have-not room. Rachel was complaining that it appeared that neither Kristen or Hayden had any strategy. "It makes me wonder if he's less intelligent than we thought", agreed Brendon. Apparently, Hayden had the veto but gave it to Kristen, but Britney took it away. She would have chosen a prize "if it had been a letter or phone call from home".

The house is now preparing a birthday dinner for Matt.

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