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Live Feeds Big Brother 12 Style - A lot to be desired.

Good morning Big Brother fans, the rush of getting to see the new house guests has worn off a bit and reality is setting in.

This post is NOT about the house guests however - this one will be about the interface.  I could write a novel but I will try to keep it short.

Let me preface this 'rant' by saying I pay for several subscriptions myself and I am keeping them all - and I will watch the entire run of Big Brother on the live feeds.  That said - I also feel entitled to complain about them when I feel I am not getting as good of a product as I expected.

Dear Real, what the heck man?  We want out OLD interface back!  I am not sure why the change to a web based, flash interface but there is that saying that, "if it ain't broke...."  Did I miss a lawsuit that made you drop the old interface?  Cause unless you had to legally change it - this new one is not an improvement.

The FLASH interface....  looked good on paper - in practice not so much.  I don't give a damn about all the 'chat' features - they looked fun but I also want to be able to just WATCH the feeds - I want a pop-out viewer that will let me keep them in ANY size I like in one corner of my computer window so I can get some WORK done.  I want to be able to PIN then on top of my other items on my desktop so they don't get buried!

Where the hell is FLASHBACK?  The best thing to happen to the live feeds in a long time was Flashback - I used that feature EVERY DAY when I would see I missed something that happened overnight or when I was away.  There were web pages devoted to telling you where to go to catch events.  I guess this feature will be back but it should have been here on day one - not day 7 or whatever. (NOTE: An hour after I posted this the link appeared - no - not because I wrote this - they have been working on it - here is the link to the Flashback Feature -

Pause and rewind? Will those features ever return?  I am guessing no - which makes me mad.  If I miss something I want to be able to go back a bit like I have been able to for several seasons.

I am skipping over the chat issues that I have read are being worked on as I do not use the chat feature.

As a 'power' user there are a few things I would LOVE to see added but they were never a feature before so I am guessing they won't be added, specifically the option to make screen captures.

I know Real is working very hard to address a lot of these issues but that isn't making my life very easy as someone who works really hard to keep a lot of fans up to date on the live feeds and what they might have missed.

I'd love to see the old interface come back, I know it isn't going to happen, but this new one should have been as good or better, not a step back.

Again, I am not telling folks to not get the live feeds, I think it is still one of the best bangs for the buck out there at less than $1 a day to see 4 cameras on 24x7 and know so much more than those that only watch the TV show, but PLEASE Real, get things working right asap.

  • We want real FULL SCREEN
  • We want the ability to re-size the video to any size.
  • We want the ability to POP OUT the video or "Pin" it to the top of our desktop.
  • We want Pause and Rewind options
  • We want Falshback. (

Those are all things we had and we want them back!


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