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Enzo Finds The Note - House Suspects Kathy

A quickie post this morning, last night @ 8:25pm Ragan slipped a note under Enzo's pillow that read "I KNOW YOUR SECRET!" - obviously a 'saboteur' thing. 

Enzo didn't find it until 3:45am - over 8 hours after it was planted by Ragan.  He showed it to Kathy why was sleeping in the room and then showed it to everyone else except Brendon who was asleep in the HoH room.

Everyone except Kathy and Brendon then sat up for another hour discussing who the Saboteur might be and came to the conclusion that is has to be Kathy. They managed to find tons of instances where she has acted strangely over the last couple of weeks and of course Ragan was right in there suggesting things he has noticed.

Matt is fully on board with the idea that Kathy is the Saboteur - he even thinks that Kathy lied and blamed Rachel for the 'Pretzel' note that Brendon found when he returned to the house on Sunday. That note implied Brendon should nominate Matt (which he did).  Matt has been fuming about the Pretzel Note since he was put on the block so now that he thinks it was Kathy acting as the Saboteur I imagine the odds of her going home on Thursday just increased significantly.

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