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Big Brother, Episode 19 Recap

Here we go once again with an episode that could be somewhat shocking. Yeah, I know this has been stated before, and generally we’ve been disappointed. Take last week’s episode. Evicting Rachel was supposed to be a moment that would live large in Big Brother history. Thanks to Enzo’s last-minute alert, though, it went off without any of the expected emotional outbursts.
Tonight, we have the perfect storm for craziness. Ensuring that Matt would indeed have to use his DPOV, they cajoled Brendon into choosing Pandora’s Box, and brought Rachel in to stir up the pot. Although Brendon was initially leaning to putting up Britney to replace Ragan, Rachel’s pretzel note (along with Kathy and Enzo’s recap of her visit) pushed him to do exactly what producers wanted. (I’m sure there was further pushing in the diary room).
Conventional wisdom says that Matt will do the safe move, and just replace himself with Kathy. Yet he’s had suspicions about his buddies in Der Bergade ever since Brendon won HOH, and many have predicted that he may make a bold move. A half-hour before broadcast, feed viewers witnessed Enzo once again tipping off the nominee that the house has decided to evict. Will that be the final nail in Enzo’s coffin? It would certainly be an explosive moment, but as I previously stated we’ve been disappointed before. At the very least, we’re going to see an extremely worried look on Enzo’s face (along with Brendon and the rest of the house) when Matt pulls the veto out of his pocket.
Before we get to that moment, though, we have to waste a few minutes on what has happened since Ragan pulled himself off the block. Truthfully, little has happened, but I’m sure CBS will find some way to fill these early segments.
As always, we proceed with the reactions to Ragan’s game-saving move and the selection as Matt as replacement nominee. Lane is unhappy that he’s up against someone from Der Bergade, but he just has to stay. Brendon again talks about how he’s doing what Rachel wants. “When Rachel sees Matt walk through that door into the jury house, she’s going to know that I love her and that I’m keeping my promise to her.” 
Britney says she’s sorry to Matt, but he says “it’s not over yet”. Enzo says he’s not happy that two member of Der Bergade, but since Matt is friends with Britney and Ragan it may be time for him to hit the road.
Time for tears, as Ragan is sad that it’s because of him that his BFF is going up. “It makes me just sob.” We then see him tell Matt that he “just has to stay”. Matt feels bad for Ragan, but he can’t let him know that he has the DPOV. Ragan encourages him to be extremely social all week. “If you stay, the look on (Brendon’s) face will be priceless.” Matt replies that “it would be all the reward in the world”.
Matt is then in the storage room with Hayden and Enzo, and asks them to let him know if they’re going to evict him. He says it’s a “unique” way to look at his alliance, and that if they turn against him he may have to have a new alliance. Hayden informs Matt of Rachel’s message to Brendon, and that it was Kathy who told him. Matt is pissed that Kathy wouldn’t inform him of that message, and makes her a “prime target” for being the target of the DPOV.
Lane is now in the pool with Hayden and Enzo sitting around. He asks them if Matt has tried to get their vote, and Enzo says that he’s not getting it. “We used to be tight….blah blah blah Ragan now. I have to do what is good for me right now…and Der Bergade.” They go over the votes, and Lane appears safe. Lane is just worried about Britney’s vote. 
Enzo is now in the have-not room with Matt, kissing up to him by saying “this sucks…it’s the toughest decision that I have to make”. He asks Matt if he would still want him to win if Matt is evicted. WTF? Matt is incredulous at this question, and says he has to “consider that when I make my replacement nominee”. 
Ugh, saboteur time. This time, Shane from Facebook wants Ragan to leave a note saying “I know your secret”. Obviously, not knowing the true ramifications of it, Ragan says he’s excited about it because it’s like something from a horror movie. He puts said note under Enzo’s pillow, and many hours later he finds it. “What the fuck is this?” He’s worried that somebody now knows about Der Bergade, but instead of silently stewing he shows it to everybody. The fact that Kathy made his bed makes him (and almost everybody else) think she’s the saboteur. Yeah, Enzo is pretty proud that he figured out that “da Sheriff is the saboteur”…primarily because it was signed with a “s” (for sheriff). The only bad thing about this is that Matt says he may now target her because it would make him the “hero” of the house. Ragan, of course, is thrilled that nobody believes it’s him…and he’s now won $20,000.
Time for Julie to talk to the house. Britney is asked about Rachel’s return. “It was very surreal.” She was sleeping at the time, and says she was still dazed when she first laid eyes on her. Ragan is asked if he has any regrets for his fight with her. “Absolutely not. My integrity is not for sale, and if I see somebody is taunting me or trying to bully me I will respond. Being quiet is not worth five hundred thousand dollars.”
For some reason, Lane is asked just what he would want his mother to send him. “Muscle milk. I’m tired of the soy protein.” Um, ok. He says it tastes like “Thanksgiving food”, and Julie responds that she’ll pass. 
The house is then asked about the saboteur, and they all believe it is still in the house. She says that is the case, but their “reign of terror is officially over”. They are all happy about that.
Oh great, we get to see Britney and Lane’s families. Britney’s family all laugh at Britney’s cattiness, and says she has no problem with her relationship with Lane. Not much else is said, so we move on to Lane’s family. His mother says that if you look him up in a dictionary, it would say “meathead jock who loves puppies”. I think I like this woman! She claims, though, that he’s “edgy and so complex”. Really? She believes that Lane really likes her. Lane’s brother agrees.
Time for the moment of truth. Julie has Matt plead his case first, knowing full well what is about to happen. He says that he knows that Brendon has had his sights on him all week, but doesn’t know why. “I gather from your convoluted veto speech it involved your girlfriend who is not even here anymore wanting me out…or something else involving you and your inability to make your own decisions. You have to rely on past houseguests and pretzel messages. Either way, here I sit on the block like a chump, ready to go home. I’m sure you’re beaming with delight, as you well should be. With that, Brendon, I say congratulations. Congratulations on coming so close to achieving your goal, but better luck next time, you big dummy, as I’m going to use the diamond power of veto tonight to save myself from the block.”
He puts the DPOV around his neck, and Julie confirms that he received it last week when he opened Pandora’s Box. Britney yells “what” as Julie says it also gives him the power to replace the nominee. Brendon and Ragan are safe, though. When told it’s now time to do just that, he complains that he can’t put up the person he wants to use it on. “At this point in the game, I just need to get the house as competitive as possible…there’s cleanup that needs to be done next. Kat, I’m sorry. Nothing personal. Got a job to do.” Noooooo! That’s the easy way out!
Lane then gets to plead his case, and he says hi to his family. Not much else is said. Kathy then gets up, and says she loves everybody, and that she’s ok with what Matt did. She talks about her morals and values, and that she’s not going to “lie, cheat, or steal in here”. Hmmmm.
Voting now starts with Hayden, who yells “grenade”. He votes to evict Kathy, as does Enzo, an excited Ragan, Matt, and an also excited (and dancing) Britney.
After commercials, Kathy is informed of the decision. She seems to know what’s coming, and calmly hugs everybody before her departure. “Be good to each other. Who is in charge of my fish?” As we wait for the interview, we see everybody still in shock over the DPOV. Brendon is not happy, obviously. 
Julie asks what Kathy is thinking right now, and she complains that she didn’t have a chance to “faaaaaht”. I think that means “fight”. She thinks that Matt put her up because he’s closer to Britney and Ragan, and the other guys. Plus, she’s the outsider in the house, but it hurts that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Julie follows it up by asking about her awful performance in the POV, and she claims that she did just slip and fall. Sure, she did.
It’s HOH time, and not surprisingly after two endurance comps, it’s a question game. The genesis of it was a “Big Brother says” game that went on yesterday. Silliness. Each question is about one of yesterday’s commands.
Ragan and Hayden are immediately out on the first question. Matt is out on the second one. Wait, Enzo is still in it! All three are correct on the next one. Lane is now out, leaving it between Britney and Enzo. They both are correct on the next question, but both are incorrect on the following one. Finally, Enzo’s answer is incorrect, and Britney is the new HOH!
Uh oh, Julie says she’s not the only one with power next week. What does that mean? Before we find out, Julie congratulates Britney on winning HOH. “It’s already gone to my head.” Matt is asked about how difficult it was to keep the DPOV a secret. “It was horrible, Julie. I’m no good with secrets.” Oh really? Ok, next week is double eviction night. Yeah, that was expected, as it usually is at this point…and the house has been expecting it for the past two weeks. 

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