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Long Power of Veto

The power of Veto competiiton - or something - has been going on for over two hours - my only guess is that it happens to be one of the timed competitions where they each compete against the clock so they are all sequestered alone while each one does it and they have to re-set it after each one.  I could be completely wrong however and it might be some type of endurance POV - or maybe after the POV addidtional things have gone on.

Last night Lane went to Britney and told her they (the guys) were seriously considering wanting to back door Matt and Britney seems to be somewjat on board with the idea so Brendon may be safe for another week if Matt doesn't win the POV today.

I don't know if I'd like to see Matt go because I feel he is one of the people that has actually been playing the game unlike Lane, Hayden and Enzo who I see as almost floaters - but sometimes when you play hard you get burned. 

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