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Big Brother, Episode 21 Recap

Tonight should be an interesting show. One nominee who has supposedly “been fighting for his life since day one” will get a reprieve, while another house guest who was told he had nothing to worry about this week will suddenly have a serious reversal of fortune. Add to that some allegations of producers tampering with POV technology, along with a cameo by another controversial former contestant, and you have a full hour of potentially game-changing moments.
Before we get to any of those incidents, though, we must go through the various reactions to Britney’s nominations of Brendon and Enzo. Yes, they’re both pissed. Enzo says that even though Britney said he’s just a pawn and that she adores him, the fact that she put him up makes her a target next week. Well, first you have to win something, silly. Enzo reluctantly hugs Matt, who is a bit cocky as he describes that this is going down “exactly how I wanted it”. Britney again says that Enzo is just a pawn, as she just “can’t tolerate” living in the house with Brendon any more. 
As expected, Brendon pulls out his two favorite lines in his reaction to being nominated. “Britney is a spoiled little brat”, and “Rachel would be very upset that Britney turned her back and stabbed me in the back”. He promises to make her “regret what he’s done to me”.
Brendon heads into the have-not room, muttering about his girl Rachel. The sad piano music comes on as he cries (literally0 about how hard it is with the whole house against him. Enzo interrupts him, though, and a Britney bash session begins. Brendon calls her a “lying whore”, and that “she’s just like Matt and Ragan”. 
Enzo is now upstairs with Britney, who is still apologetic about putting up Enzo, who is not really buying it (or at least that’s what he says to please the CBS producers). She assures him that he’s not going home, and they hug it out.
Lane and Hayden are now hanging out in the backyard, and Hayden says that somebody needs to make a move against Matt or he’s going to end up being in the finals. “Matt thinks that he just owns this place.” They believe this is the week to backdoor him. Lane decides that he needs to talk to Britney.
He does just that, as he is now in the HOH with Britney. He says that it’s important, and that she can’t run off and tell anybody. “Right now, you have to make a huge, huge move.” He says she needs to backdoor Matt, and that if he gets the next HOH he’s going to put up “couples”. “It’s going to be either Hayden and Enzo, or me and you.” Lane adds in the diary room that Brendon could be evicted anytime, but it’s now time for Matt to go. Britney counters that it doesn’t do her any good to send him home, and her target is Brendon.  “I want everyone behind me to see this plan through.”
Time to pick veto players. Britney pulls house guest choice, and chooses Matt. She says she picked him over Lane because of his desire to be a part of Brendon’s demise. Brendon, though, pulls Lane’s name, while Enzo gets Hayden. So everybody but Ragan is playing, which makes Enzo happy.
It’s already time for said POV, as they head out to play the “BB Zoo“. Each player starts with 50 points, and Ragan has offers and punishments to add or subtract their scores. The person with the most points wins the veto. Brendon says he’s willing “to take the most punishment that any human can endure in this house.” Hayden’s take on the game is to just take as many prizes as possible, but Britney says that “everybody has to step up”. Enzo has the same strategy as Brendon.
The first question is whether they’d be willing to take a “chum bath” (fish guts, etc.). Brendon says he’s more than willing to take this punishment. Matt is seen pushing the button but nothing registers. Lane takes the phone call from home, although Britney reiterates that she expects nobody to take any of the prizes. The game continues, and Brendon indeed pushes the button for every punishment, although Hayden refuses to attempt to “win” the head shave. Hayden also takes the Hawaiian vacation. “I think a beach in Hawaii sounds better than Brendon going home this week.” Oh yeah, he also willingly takes the $5,000 prize.
After a commercial break, we get the results. Brendon chose the handcuff punishment, and picks Britney as the person to be handcuffed with “to give us some bonding time”. She’s pissed! Britney’s anger rises as prizes are awarded. Brendon also immediately steps forward to have his head shaved, which makes Matt chuckle. Britney is starting to realize that Brendon is probably going to win this competition. Basically, every prize and punishment was chosen by somebody except for the “have not pass”.
Not surprisingly, Brendon wins the POV. Enzo thinks he “must have lost by two points”. Brendon is back to his cocky self, but Lane is not so worried because he hopes that Britney puts up Matt. Britney is still pissed, and says she’s “considering every person as a replacement nominee”. 
With the contest over, Ragan heads upstairs to console Britney. She’s in tears because nobody worked with her during the competition. “He’s still going to be here next week.” Matt walks in as she’s in the middle of her tirade, but we don’t hear anything he says.
At the same time, Der Bergade and Brendon are complaining about Ragan and Matt being upstairs with Britney. Enzo is pissed that they’re “playing the whole house”. Lane complains about how he didn’t win anything but the phone call, so obviously it must have been Matt that won the big prizes. Lane decides to go do some snooping on behalf of Der Bergade.
Lane heads up the HOH, and sends the Ragan and Matt out to talk to him. Lane claims that outside of the phone call, he didn’t buzz in on any of the prizes. Obviously, it has to be Matt who won everything. She’s still pissed, though, because if Brendon remains in the house she’ll be gone. “All I wanted is to win HOH, and get Brendon out…now I’m in such a bad predicament and I feel used.” Lane lies and says she has more people behind her than anybody in the house. Damn, he’s good as he butters her up. She finally smiles as we hear Lane in the diary room claim his loyalty is with Der Bergade.
Ok, useless time waster here. Britney walks into the HOH and sees the Pandora’s Box. She’s at first confused by the TV screen, but finally opens the second envelope. She’s told that she can choose to meet with a former houseguest, and after worrying it will be somebody she hates, she does just that. There’s a giant box, and stupid Jesse jumps out! Ugh!!! He’s all oiled up, and he rips off his shirt, ala Hulk Hogan. Instead of Big Brother advice, though, he is going to give her an hour of how “to look just like me”.
Meanwhile, the rest of the house gets to enjoy a luau. Britney gets to see the party they’re enjoying via a TV screen, and she’s pissed as she’s forced to work out with Steroids Boy. Jessie finally says there’s “nothing I can do to make you look like me”. She rushes out, and is pissed to find out that the party outside is over. She informs the house about the Pandora’s Box, and how it was Jessie (Brendon guesses Rachel, of course). 
Time for more silliness, as it’s now time for Brendon and Britney to be chained together. Britney now has a better sense of humor about this, but Matt reminds us that Brendon also has to take hourly chum baths for the next 24 hours. “Help me”, Britney mouths in the diary room. Lane says “witnessing that is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen”. Finally, it’s over…and they’re both free.
Goofiness over, Matt heads into the HOH and says he’s “freaking out”. She says that it now is between him and Hayden, and Matt is incredulous. “How did I get put in this position?” Britney says that “everybody in this house is loyal to somebody”, but Matt says he’s only loyal to his wife. He adds that his loyalty with Ragan is not the same as hers is with Lane, and explains that stabbing his best friend in the back is his only option. He does just that by telling Lane that he has to get into Britney’s head. Oh no, Matt! 
Matt now heads outside to talk to Enzo and Hayden, who are noticeably cold to him. Hayden says in the diary room that Matt still thinks he’s in Der Bergade, but they’re going upstairs to convince Britney to put him up instead. Lane accomplishes that by informing Britney that Matt has been pushing Ragan’s name on him. She says that she trust Lane, and he jokes that she shouldn’t. God, he’s good at playing dumb! 
Hayden is now in the HOH, and does the same job as Lane. He suddenly likes Ragan oh so much. Enzo does the exact same thing, and complains that “there’s no loyalty”. He says that unlike Matt, when he swears on the family he stands by it. 
Finally, Britney decides to inform Ragan of what’s been going on. “I just want you to know that matter what happens, you and I are good.” Ragan is confused, and Britney explains that “people have been in my ear to put you up”. She doesn’t outright say that it’s Matt who is doing the campaigning, but talks about how people will do extreme things “when their back is against the wall”. Ragan believes that no matter what happens, his future doesn’t look good.
So it’s now time for what is now not much of a shocker. Matt still believes in Der Bergade (silly boy), and Britney says that Matt’s moves to push for Ragan’s nomination is what made her decide his fate. As they’re sitting outside waiting for the veto meeting, Ragan asks Britney if Matt threw him under the bus, and she nods her head in agreement.
Brendon, not surprisingly, pulls himself off the block. Britney stands up, and after saying that Brendon “earned it”, she puts up Matt. Britney explains that she just doesn’t trust Matt anymore, and that “I can get further in this game without him”. Matt still believes that Der Bergade is on his side, but he still has hopes as an underdog. Enzo is happy that Britney is doing exactly what his buddies wanted her to do. Ragan adds that two hours ago, he would have been devastated by this news, and that he “would have fallen on my sword” for him. “You ended up stabbing me in the back.”
Oh boy. See you tomorrow for Matt’s eviction.

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