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Big Brother, Episode 13 Recap

Let’s be honest here. Despite the opening segment that will make it look like a decision has yet to be made by the house, we know exactly what is going to happen for the majority of the show. The first 45 minutes or so will be no surprise to anybody who has been viewing the feeds (or reading this site).
The only real drama of tonight’s show is the HOH competition, and we won’t know the answer until a few hours after the broadcast has concluded. Tonight’s contest appears to be an endurance competition, and Brendon has told everybody that he plans on winning. He’s even been stocking up on carbs throughout the day, which has caused the majority of the house to just shake their heads in disgust.
Yet there is one aspect of the opening segment of the broadcast that could be somewhat interesting. Wednesday’s broadcast concluded with Britney supposedly failing to follow through on a promise to save Hayden. Feed viewers know that isn’t the case, and that Britney was on her way to inform Hayden that the plan was off when she was called into the diary room to prepare for the veto ceremony. How will CBS handle their bit of interference?
That’s exactly how the show kicks off, as we again see the shocked looks as Britney announces that she was not using the veto. Oooof, even in the recap they make it appear as if Britney went against the plan on her own. Britney whispers to Hayden that she was sorry, but he’s confused. Well, he’s always somewhat confused, but in the diary room he yells out once again the entire plan. “Something went wrong.” 
Britney explains that when Rachel said that Lane may be the replacement nominee, she decided that “it was too big of a risk for me to take”. Yes, we know that, but you had also promised to let Hayden know if the plan changed, and CBS interfered with that. Oh well. Rachel explains that she threw Lane’s name out only because she didn’t want a “super alliance”. She just wants Kristin out.
Kathy and Kristin heads into a bedroom, where they do exactly what they’ve been doing all week - lying on a bed bemoaning their lives. Kristin breaks down again in the diary room, and it’s not just being on the block. Again, it’s about the other “bond”.
As usual, we get to see the lovebirds celebrate, but they’re now joined by Hayden. He tells them there is no animosity between them, and the two of them confirm that Hayden is safe. He now feels better because he doesn’t have to contain. “I JUST HAVE TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT”, he yells in the diary room. 
Britney is now explaining the situation to Enzo, who is now also pissed. “Brendon and Rachel better have eyes in the back of their heads because Der Bergade is coming after them.” Yeah, right. You guys have done nothing but throw competitions all year. 
Hayden now joins the pity party, and is joined by Britney. Kathy actually stirs, and leaves the room. That’s the most she’s done all week. She again tells the story about Lane, and while Kristin says she understands, she’s pissed. “It just made me want to go find Rachel, and rip her head off. We had the perfect plan to put Kathy up in his place, and Rachel derailed it because she wants me out of the house.” 
Once Britney leaves, Kristin again complains that she doesn’t deserve to leave. Lovebirds #2 continue to bemoan the fact they’re going to be separated, and Hayden says he doesn’t want her to stop fighting. She says that she would really regret leaving without a fight. More tears. Yes, we know it’s “really, really hard”. Hayden gives her the ok to campaign against him, which may sound chivalrous but is pretty easy for him to say since he knows he has at least four votes. Oh well, he gets more nookie this way.
Time for some filler. With the lovebirds outside, Britney is hanging out in the HOH with Ragan and Matt. “You can’t hang out in Rachel’s HOH room without making fun of her”, says Britney as they all take turns wearing her extension. Damn, I love this girl. But filler on an eviction show! Rachel hears the commotion, and walks in on them playing. Uh oh! “Busted!” Instead, stupid Rachel thinks it’s hilarious, and Britney says she was on her way downstairs to show them. “I can’t believe Rachel is so clueless that she doesn’t even understand that all we were doing was making fun of her.“ Nice save!
Der Bergade is now working out, and Kristin heads outside to sit on the couch. We again hear Kristin talk about the permission she had to campaign, but she’s now starting to understand that he knows he has the votes. Hmmm, a bit of diary room intervention here? 
She still attempts to half-heartedly work on votes, and begins with Ragan. She points out how he’s not campaigning at all, and that she thinks something has “already formed” between Hayden and rest of Der Bergade. Ragan claims he has also considered it, and he talks in the diary room about “an alliance of men”. Um, ok. Nice job, CBS, as we already heard about how producers have been prodding you about that very fact.
Kristin moves on to Britney, and how her vote is “really, really, really, really important”. The same boy’s alliance story is brought up, and that if it happens Britney “is screwed…you’re so disposable”. Kristin then moves on Brendon to prove to him that she’s less of a threat to them than her. Oooh, but Kristin now claims to be one of the weaker people? Interesting. In the diary room, Brendon claims to be thinking of what she has to say. Unfortunately, CBS doesn’t show the fight Brendon then has with Rachel for having the nerve to talk to Kristin without her. Ugh!!!
After commercials, it’s time for Julie to talk to the house. I almost know ahead of time what she’s going to ask, and she goes right to Hayden and asks if he wishes he had chosen the hippie-tard. While he hated solitary confinement, he has to say Kristin looks pretty hot in it. Julie then points out that she gives Jen a run for the money with the outfit, and she happily agrees with the compliment. 
A useless clip of the luxury competition is then shown, and they all play their roles by laughing. Silliness. Britney is then asked about who is the most difficult housemate to live with, and she claims it’s Ragan because of his flatulence. Yeah, she’s not being honest here…but funny as usual. Ragan responds that “every fart comes from Britney’s legs”.
Ooooh, I thought we were going to have good stuff, as Julie announces that we were going to meet somebody who was heartbroken over the Hayden/Kristin romance. Instead, we get the reaction from Hayden’s family. Booo! Hayden’s mother is not happy with this relationship.
Oh wait, we now move on to Kristin’s friends. Her friend Leighanne says that making out with Hayden is shocking, and talks about her boyfriend…who we then see. Nice! Yeah, he’s not happy, but he is sitting with 6 of her hot friends. Supposedly, he asked if she wanted to be a single person on the show, and she said no. Obviously, he doesn’t like Hayden. “In my opinion, (the relationship) is over.” Oh snap!!!
Now it’s time nonsensical comments from Rachel. Julie asks about whether she has plans to pull another person into their alliance, and she hopes to nab Britney. The followup is whether targeting women was a strategy, and poor Rachel says those mean girls were targeting HER. Julie presses as to who she wants to target in the future, and after some prodding she admits that it’s Matt. Oh boy, I know one twittered who won’t be happy with that.
Julie then makes the twit happy by moving on to conversations about Brendon. Julie notes that they’ve fought in the past few days, so is the honeymoon over? Rachel claims that they’re moving into a “real” relationship, and “it’s true love”. Gag me…or preferably, gag her.
Time for final pleas, and Hayden goes first. He complains about throwing people under the bus, and how people who do that have no class. Kristin then stands and after complaining about Andrew calling her a woman with no heart, she goes on to claim that she has played with nothing but her heart. “I’ve been loyal, honest, and strong-willed throughout the whole time…I know that some people are cowards and don‘t play the same way.”
The votes now begin with Enzo, who votes to evict Kristin. Not surprisingly, Kathy votes to evict Hayden. Matt also votes against Kristin…and we go to commercials. When the show returns, Lane votes against Kristin, as does Ragan, Brendon, and Britney. Kristin has been evicted by a 6 - 1 vote.
When the news is announced, Kristin hugs everybody but Rachel and Brendon. Little is said in that awkward minute we get to watch the house reactions as her picture goes grey. Julie opens with the predictable question about how hard it is to be nominated along with your man. Kristin’s reaction is as unmemorable as expected. Kristin does point out that the house continues to be afraid to do exactly what is needed to help themselves.
Rather than go on with more questions, Julie goes right to the goodbye messages as they will “help to clear things up”. Matt is all smiles as he says she fell victim to the “curse of the big Brother unitard”. Rachel says everything we predicted, as she claims Kristin is “the definition of the word bitch. Who do you think you are trying to talk to Brendon behind my back? Don’t every try to get between me and my man! My man doesn’t get manipulated by trifling ho’s like you!” Oh Lord, please somebody eliminate this idiot. 
Moving on to more sensible people, Ragan goes all emo on her, saying she was “evicted because of Rachel’s insecurities…it’s a testament to how beautiful, wonderful, and intelligent you are”. Kathy cries, but I have no idea what she’s saying. For some reason, Brendon complains about her lying about Hayden’s alliance. “How could somebody trust you?” Hayden, however, confirms exactly what she said to him by admitting the existence of Der Bergade…”but I want you to know if I had to choose between you and Der Bergade, I would have chosen you”. Julie notes that she had no real reaction to Hayden’s news, and she says that’s because it was no surprise. “I’m shocked, and not shocked at the same time.” She doesn’t hold the alliance secret against him, though. Asked about the boyfriend, she simply replies that she needs time alone. Goodbye, Kristin, I’m going to miss your sweet booty.
Finally, it’s time for the MOST IMPORTANT HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY!!! Ugh, they all claim to be just that. But first, we get to find out who may be the next saboteur, and Ragan narrowly beat Enzo for that honor. The HOH cmopetition is called True Colors, and they have to stand on the ledge of a giant paint can. The last person standing is the winner. 
The contraption begins slowly spinning, and it’s clear that in a few seconds “paint” is going to be poured on them. Julie announces that the first person down will be the only have-not of the week. Oh Kathy, it looks like you’re going to have to stay on for a bit this time. We now get the paint, shot from what seemed to be a relatively powerful paint gun. As we sign off, after hearing about the return of Jeff and Jordan next week, giant brushes are also added. This shouldn’t take too long tonight.
See you Sunday!


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