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CBS All Access- Try 1 month free w/code: 1MFREE
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How to get your $10 in free music each month!

A great thing about the Big Brother live feeds is that you get $10 in free music every thirty days.  This is not a once a month thing and it doesn't accumulate - so you need to take advantage of it whenever you can.  These are the instructions on how you can get your free music.  This is a great way to get the best bang for your buck and justify getting the leve feeds. 


So subscribe to the live feeds and then after 24 hours you can follow these instructions to get your $10 in music.  And then in another 30 days you can do it all over again!

Watch  Big Brother 12 on SuperPass!

SuperPass: Redeeming $10 music credit

How do I get my 10 music downloads from SuperPass?

To collect your $10 music download credit from SuperPass:

1. Start at SuperPass Home. Make sure you are signed into SuperPass. (Note: if you are a new subscriber, please wait 24 hours before claiming your credit.)

2. Go to the Music tab.

Music tab

3. Click the Get Your Music button. 

Get Your MP3 Downloads

4.  The Rhapsody MP3 Store will open in a new browser window or tab. Search for the music you'd like to buy, and add the songs or albums to your cart.

5. When you're ready to check out, click the Go to Cart button in the popup window that appears when you add an item, or else click the Cart button at the top of the Rhapsody MP3 store:

Cart button

6. Click Checkout Now.

7. On the next page, click the option on the right to Sign in, and sign in using the email address and password for your SuperPass account. (Don't create a new account, or your credit won't be applied.)

8. You should see your music credit applied to your purchase total. If your total is less than $10, just click Place Order. The remaining amount will stay in your account and can be used toward any other music purchases you make this month. 

checkout page 

If your total is more than $10, you'll need to pay for the balance with a credit card. If you've made purchases on Rhapsody before, the credit card you have on file will automatically be charged; otherwise, you'll be prompted to enter billing information at this point.

9. If this is your first time buying tracks through Rhapsody on this computer and you're using Windows, you'll be prompted to Get the Rhapsody MP3 Download Manager. Using the Download Manager will automatically add your purchases to iTunes, Rhapsody, or RealPlayer, or your My Music folder on your computer. Need help installing the Rhapsody Download Manager? Click here.

10. That's it! Please allow a few minutes for your music to download, then sit back and enjoy.

Watch  Big Brother 12 on SuperPass!

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