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As of this writing, we're approximately 50 hours away from crowning the winner of season twelve. Which of these "half-dodos" will walk away with the prize? Can Enzo convince either Hayden or Lane to take him to the finals? Who will win the America's Choice prize?

Here's what I think will happen. If the final round is similar to recent seasons, questions will be asked of the jury members that will be along the lines of "would you rather...or...?" The answers can be highly unpredictable, but one should be able to choose the correct answer if they have spent any time with the person. Given that Hayden was much more sociable than Lane, I believe he will win.

If that's the case, who would Hayden take with him? While Enzo has made some inroads with both of them, I believe that Hayden is scared of the popularity he believes Enzo has with the jury house members. He'll take Lane, and win it all due to his domination in the past few weeks. 

What if Lane does indeed beat Hayden in the final HOH comp? I think he may actually take Enzo instead of Hayden simply because of Hayden's domination in competitions. This may be a mistake, though, as Lane didn't accomplish much more than Enzo. It's hard to say who would nab the most votes in this scenario, but for the sake of discussion I'll say Enzo eeks out a victory.

As for the America's Choice prize, I believe it will go to either Britney or Brendon. There are plenty of reasons to not vote for either of these two, but the majority of voters have only seen the CBS broadcasts, where they have received extremely positive edits. Brendon has come off as a devoted boyfriend and hard-working competitor, while Britney's somewhat mean-spirited cattiness has been reduced to hilarious one-liners.

So what do you think? 

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