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Big Brother Season 12 Finale, Part 2

The second half of the show begins with the introduction of the jury. Ragan’s pitting out again, and they all receive nice applause. Enzo is held back, and Britney is asked who she wants to see join them. She says “anybody but Lane”. Matt is asked who he thinks was evicted, and he says he believes it’s Enzo but “I don’t really care because it’s not me”.
Enzo is then brought out, and hugs Britney. Julie explains that Hayden won the final HOH, and the questioning begins. The first six agreed on their questions, and Enzo gets his own wild card query. Rachel gets the first question, and asks Lane about how they can justify winning when the jury has won the most of the competitions. Lane admits he sucked at the beginning, but had a great social game.
Brendon asks Hayden which non-Bergade members he’d have liked to see in the finals. Hayden stumbles, and says that Brendon and Rachel were the two toughest members, but would have also loved to see Britney in the finals as well. He narrows it down to Brendon and Britney.
It’s Matt’s turn, and he asks if he would have chosen Britney over a Bergade member for the final two. “Nice one, Matt. It would probably depend on how I would turn out. Whatever would benefit me at that point…” Julie says he’s weaseling out of an answer, and Lane says he was “100% loyal to Der Bergade”. “Not 100%”, counters Matt. Ha! 
Kathy asks Hayden if he played a better social game than Lane, and he says their games were similar. “Neither one of us were ever a target. What separated me was the competitions.” Britney’s question to Lane is his “most significant individual contribution to Der Bergade. Three big words in a row.” Lane jokes that he doesn’t understand, and says that it “was making them laugh, watching over them…just those two right there”. 
For Ragan’s turn, he asks Hayden if he regrets anything he said “behind the backs of any jury members”. Hayden admits that there are always things you regret saying, but he can’t think of anything “specific”. Julie asks if that means “you’re a pretty good guy”, and he says he was. “I played good, and was pretty much true to myself”.
Enzo gives his wild card question to Lane, “the beast…were you really going to take me to the final two if you won that final HOH”. Lane is a bit flustered, and says that he “had a better debate to the jury if I took you. I didn’t think I could win if you were up here, or against him. We‘ll see”. Hmmm, interesting answer. Julie interjects if he thinks he was a good guy. “Definitely. I’m a great guy.”
It’s now time for the final pleas to the jury. Hayden goes first, and repeats what he’s said all year about “being blessed for being here”. He says that it should go to who has played the best, and he has won five competitions…including three in a row. It’s a good speech, but he gets a bit cocky in it. “I feel like I deserve to win this game. I played a good social game, and I was competitive when it mattered.” He repeats once again that they must vote for him if they’re voting on the best player.
Lane also introduces his speech about how he loves them all, and that he didn’t think in a million years he’d still be standing there. Even though he didn’t win a lot, he played hard…even staying “in the background sometimes when I needed to”. He corrects Hayden that he actually won two competitions, instead of just the one Hayden claimed.
Voting time! Rachel goes first, and says it’s “really hard” but ultimately voted for who she thought was the “best social player”. She forgets her bag, and then it’s Kathy’s turn, who says it’s “vewwwy vewwwy haaaawd”. Matt says that kicking him out was “the best move they ever made”, and that if he had made it to the finals he “would have annihilated you all”. He says that his vote went to the person who did the most in “stabbing me in the back. It was a great power move.”
Brendon repeats what Rachel said about rewarding the best social player, and Ragan says he think both of them were “spectacular human beings. Ultimately, I think one of you was here to win a half million dollars, and one of you was here to give it away.” 
It’s now up to Britney, and she says that “if it couldn’t be me, I’m so glad it’s between two spectacular people that I just love and adore”. Enzo ends the voting by saying his decision is “between who needs a haircut and who needs a shave”, which gets a good hand.
Before we reveal the victor, though, we get a few minutes with the first four evictees - Annie, Monet, Andrew, and Kristin. After a clipfest of their “highlights”, they’re revealed on stage and Kristin looks amazing! Julie jumps right into the muck, and asks Rachel about the comments that Monet made about her. “I don’t think I’m skanky”, she replies. “You didn’t talk to me, and I had to put somebody up…I’m a little feisty, and I understand why you hate me. I hope there are no hard feelings now.”
Monet is asked for a response, and she doesn’t back down. “I don’t think my saying those things had anything to do with Rachel and I not talking to each other. Those things did come out because I was in the heat of the moment, and the house does put a lot of stress on you. You and I are two completely different people, and I don’t think outside of the house we would ever socialize with one another.”
Julie moves on to Kristin, and Andrew’s outing of their showmance. Clips are shown, and EVERYBODY loves the makeout footage. Kristin is asked about her boyfriend, and she says they have indeed broken up. What about her and Hayden? “It’s in his court.” Hayden is asked for a response, and he just says “we’ll see what happens…I’ll take her out for some pizza and we’ll see what happens”. 
For Andrew, Julie asks what is the “most shocking” thing he saw. He says that he was shocked by Enzo’s leadership in Der Bergade, “Rachel’s extensions”, and, most of all, the lie about Matt’s lie. He outs his lie about his occupation, and corrects Matt in his pronounciation of the disease. Julie stops him, because the final three don’t know about the big lie. Enzo is asked for his reaction, and asks if he’s the second saboteur. He claims he knew something was fishy about him the entire time. Hayden says “he played me like a fiddle. I thought it was all legit. Matt, you’re an actor. Good work.” Lane says to “make up a lie about your dog. Don’t make up a lie about your wife.” Matt’s response is that he doesn’t have any remorse for the lie, but that he does have remorse for hurting his friends. He adds that if he had made it to the finals, he says he would have had Brendon, Kathy, and Rachel’s votes. “I hate hurting people’s feelings, and I didn’t think I’d really care for people”. He also thanks Andrew for the correct pronounciation “in case I ever need to do this again”. 
We finally get to Annie, and Julie says that Brendon and Rachel refuse to give Der Bergade any credit for making it to the end. Seeing the entire season, what does she think? “I’m sad that Enzo’s sitting there, because he deserves to be inside. Der Bergade manipulated every single vote, and Enzo manipulated every single one of you so well that you didn’t even realize you were being manipulated.” She points out that since they had the numbers, they didn’t have to win everything. “If the girls had stuck together with Ragan, we could have had the same thing. The Girl-ade!”
Julie turns to Britney for being the “last casualty”. Although Lane told her that if it was up to him, he’d have taken her to the final two, he just told the house the opposite. The tape of her bawling is then shown, along with Lane’s diary room excerpt. She says that it “makes me feel great. I’m glad that I stood to what I really felt inside, and that I really felt he would have taken me to the final two…I knew Lane was a good guy.” Enzo is asked if he’s shocked by this, and he says that’s why he won that POV. Lane doesn’t really have an answer to the rest of the jury why he said otherwise. This game is “mentally frustrating”.
Of course, we have to move on to the dumb relationship between Brendon and Rachel. Brendon says he’s trying to get Rachel “away from Vegas”. Britney looks skeptical, to say the least. Rachel says that although she loves Vegas, she loves Brendon more. Britney looks like she’s about to get sick. Britney is asked about this, and tempers her remarks that she just thinks it would be a mistake for Rachel to leave Vegas. Ragan is also asked about his laughter about this, and he says “I think that Rachel will make a beautiful bride.” Hahahahah!
Annie is then asked to “set the record straight” on the lifelong friends. After joking that it was her and Rachel, which almost gives Britney a heart attack, she answers what the hardcore fans all knew - there were no lifelong friends. 
Saboteur talk is up next, and Britney is asked who she thinks it was. She says that it went from person to person, and that her last guess was Matt. Julie explains that it was America who decided the second saboteur, and Enzo says he thinks it was either Kathy or Matt. Lane says it was either Kathy, Matt, or Enzo. Matt’s response is that he thought it was “me…just jumping on the bandwagon”. Julie then asks for the second saboteur to stand up, and they’re all shocked to discover it was Ragan. Clips are then shown of his silly antics, Ragan just says “suckers, I got $20,000!’ Julie then informs them of the America’s Choice prize, but of course we don’t get to find out just yet.
Having stretched this show much farther than it can possibly be stretched, we finally get the big reveal. Rachel voted for Lane, Kathy voted for Hayden, Matt voted for Hayden, Brendon voted for Lane, Julie fucks up the placement of the keys, and after fixing it she reveals Ragan’s vote to be for Hayden. Britney obviously voted for Lane, which means it’s all up to Enzo! His vote goes to Hayden!
The two enter the studio (after a delay), but Lane initially forgets how to open the door. After commercials, they all gather around Julie, who reveals that Britney has won America’s Choice! At least she got some good news before she hears about her personal tragedy.
Well, that’s it! Thanks for watching this season, and for reading my lengthy manuscripts for each episode. See you next year!

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    Big Brother 13 Gossip - Big Brother Gossip - Big Brother Season 12 Finale, Part 2
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    Big Brother 13 Gossip - Big Brother Gossip - Big Brother Season 12 Finale, Part 2
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    Big Brother 13 Gossip - Big Brother Gossip - Big Brother Season 12 Finale, Part 2
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