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I'm Having Some Crow For Dinner. How about you?

I have stated many times in my blogs and on our show that I always make preseason predictions, likes, dislikes etc.. and more often than not I am wrong.  This season is no different, but I have actually managed to shock myself by how incredibly wrong I was about a few of the house guests I expected to see be one way or another.

When the pre season interviews happened, and even during the time that we "knew" but didn't know who the returning couples were going to be, my favorite likes were Dick, Kailia, Adam, Lawon.  I was in the middle about JeJo, Brenchel, Cassi, Shelly, Dominic and I expected to severely dislike Daniele, Porsche, and Keith, with most of my dislike aimed at Daniele Donato.  I expected her to be as whiney and bratty as she was on season 8, but to still be a comp monster thereby forcing us to listen to her whine for a good long while.  So, now I get to eat crow.

Honestly, not only has Daniele shocked me with her somewhat more mature attitude, lack of whining, not to mention better fashion sense, but she has really started to win me over from a game play perspective as well.  We all know she is a competition cham and will be winning once her golden key time is up and she can play, but what is newly impressive to me is her social game.  I doubt she actually enjoys hanging out with Rachel, or pretending to like the newbies, but she is doing an amazing job of being their friends anyway.  At this point I honestly see her being one of the only people in the house actually playing the game, and possibly the one that will practically walk to the end if those new kids don't start fighting.  Cassi has her moments, but unless she gets it together and realizes that half of her alliance is cheating on her with the vets, she will be one of the first to go.  She will have to play hard and win comps if she wants to stay imo. 

I still can't stand Porsche or Keith.  Listening to Porsche drone on about using the winnings to hire a camera crew to follow her around, and how she can't play the game too hard because it will make her look bad to future television networks that she wants to hire her is not impressive to me in the slightest. 

Keith whom I call Keef (thanks for whoever thought that one up) disgusts me and I honestly can't wait to see him go.  The constant spitting, nose picking, and other vile things coupled with the fact that he would throw a veto comp while he was on the block just literally makes me sick.  Even writing about him is threatening to trigger my gag reflex, so I will move on.

New to my extreme dislike list are JeJo.  I have never been a fan and for the most part have been indifferent about Jeff, and his lapdog of a girlfriend who some say has game, and I say accidentally stumbled into a win while double fisting cookie dough into her face and staring at her bf who was willing to carry her to the end no matter what.  This year I am not indifferent. I am over it.  The fact that they are the same old JeJo but now in the new improved arrogant style just leaves me with no desire to see them make it to the end at all.   I never thought I would say this, but I am more entertained by Brenchel than I am by them. 

I am also starting to get a strong case of the dislikes for Adam, but that is mostly just my annoyance at his constant shouting about bacon, metal, and 90210.  I'm done being amused and need a new gimmick from that guy. 

I am indifferent about most everyone else at this point, none have shown me much game, and I will have to wait for the first eviction to be over and things to heat up before I know where I stand with them, so I won't go through each one and the reasons behind my likes and dislikes just yet.

As of now...go team Dani. (takes a big bite of crow ;) )

What do you guys think? Likes? Dislikes? Reasons?


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