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House Meeting High Points

For those of you sleeping like you should be, the vets all called their house meeting tonight (11:45pm on feed one and two) with the intention of feeling out Daniele's allegiance, and seeing where she stood with the veteran alliance.  Not a lot was accomplished.  Brendon gave a speech about sticking together and why it's important that they do not break. He listed reasons why he has had faith in the five of them since week one etc.. 

Jeff then gave his speech as to why he was feeling uneasy about keeping Dominic.  He talked about how he had heard rumors and had to assume they were coming from somewhere, but "since it isn't his own alliance" he would have to believe it came from Dom, and therefore would rather vote him out.


Then, the room went completely silent while everyone waited for Daniele to talk.  She didn't, so Rachel made a few comments about how it doesn't matter who is friends with who or who is making out with who to which Daniele snapped back and threw some verbal punches at Rachel.  Daniele then lied lied lied to save her butt, saying that she was always and still is completely on board and loyal to the five vets and no one else. She swore on her grandmother's life and on her own life that she had never talked games with any of the newbies and that they only stay up until 6am because they are friends. She called Shelly a spy  (which she is) and continually stated that she had not been gaming with any of the newbies and that Dom had thrown the veto so that he could stay. I guess we will get to see if that's true on the Weds. episode. The more nervous she got, the more her verbal ticks kicked in. Lots of "blah blah blah, sketchy sketchy, awkward" etc...

Then, for the rest of the meeting, Daniele was snarky and looked angry while saying she agrees with everything they were saying. Brendon, Jeff, and Rachel tried to make it sound like everything was fine, and Jordan didn't say much of anything. 

Afterword, Daniele ran downstairs and "blah blah blah'd" to "PT" about her problems while Jordan, Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel continued to talk about how they definitely do not trust Daniele at this point and the plan is still to vote out Dominic and possibly try to get Daniele out this coming week.  To my dismay, other than a few sarcastic snarky comments from Daniele, there were really no fireworks, but it will be interesting to see her reaction if Dom goes home this week, and especially if she does not win the following HOH.  Despite my overall boredom and dislike for this season, I am kind of excited to see what happens.  Predictions anyone?  

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