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Overnight Update/Looks Like Evel Is Gone

So I plowed through my first all nighter so it's officially Big Brother season.  Sometime right after BBAD Daniele was called into the DR and the feeds went to fish, and then to trivia.  They just came back around 4:20 BB time.  This is what I have gathered since then:

Dick is gone (personal reasons). I am disappointed.  I wanted to see Dick play this year.  Keith freaked out and everyone hates him.  Keith apparently thinks the whole Dick thing is a game...and there is an unconfirmed rumor that he showed his penis to someone.  Jordan cannot stop eating into her mic and smacking food non stop while not gaming and saying "and ummmmm" (what's new?).  Daniele now has the golden key that guarantees her that she cannot be evicted for the next 4 weeks, but for some reason is still bitching that she is the one that got screwed?!  Brenchal apparently had some fight while the feeds were cut where they decided to leave, but currently are staying as long as they have the support of all the veteran HGs.  All the vets have a very heavy us vs them mentality.

The poor new kids are still lost and wandering the house wondering what game they are playing.  Adam is the only new person that knows what is going on, and his favorite person just walked out the door, so who knows what will happen.  Daniele is talking about using him in between making fun of him since she thinks she can control him because he likes her dad. She also thinks all the new people are "weird, but probably because they don't know how to act because they are fans of her". 

My opinion as of now? THIS SEASON SUCKS SO FAR!!! HIRE A DECENT CAST BB.......gross.  What do you guys think?

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