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So, Dick is gone. Now what?

If you're a TV-only viewer [in which case, why would you sell yourself short like that?! At least check out the free trial of the Live Feeds!], you will soon find out that Evel Dick of Season 8 lore is no longer in the BB13 house. We don't know what led to him leaving, but knowing how much this guy loves this game, it had to be an extenuating circumstance. Now, you can curl up into a ball and spend the rest of your summer mourning his loss and all of the potential this season "had", but I'm here to tell you that it's okay. It's okay to be upset about his departure and wallow in a little bit of BB-induced despair. A lot of people will say, well...there goes this season. People- this season has only just begun.

And while you may think that its best moments are already behind it, this summer still has so much potential. I mean, when did you ever think that Brendan/Rachel and Jeff/Jordan would ever coexist in the house and actually align with one another? Or that Danielle would have to fend for herself in the big bad BB house without Dick, and actually have to do her own scheming for once? Or that a grown man who owns a luxurious Gucci bag could possibly have such terribly backwards style? Come on. We watch this show every summer, and as someone who started watching this show since the first season knows too well, being a fan comes with its highs and lows. So Dick leaving was an early blow to what could have been a great house dynamic (read: sheer terror and chaos). There are still 8 shiny pieces of fresh BB meat for you to get to know and inevitably hate. There are still solid competitions to be had, many a cliche to wear out, and countless moments of sheer idiocy to endure and ridicule. That's what this show is all about! We love to hate these people, these twists, this game.

So, give BB a chance. Dick may be gone, but 13 more hamsters remain. The fact that AG and the rest of BB production have mixed things up this season shows that they're slowly but surely becoming aware of what we as fans have known for years: BB needs change. This could be the season that we see some of that change and even if we don't- we'll (likely, although we may not admit it) still be watching anyway.

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