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This Could Be a Long, Long Season

I'm trying. I really am...but it's really hard to endure these people. I've had the feeds on through most of my waking hours, and I'm bored to tears. 

The new cast has no personality, charisma, or the necessary drive to win. Adam is this year's Ronnie, with psuedo-metal replacing Star Trek. Shelly is clearly an overly-enthusiastic corporate trainer, full of corny euphenisms and "rah rah rah". I'm almost expecting her to say "let's get this party started". Porsche appears to be as stupid as her name, which was made clear when the feeds came live and we heard her complaining to Rachel about being pretty. Dom is her male counterpart, with his only goal to be the emcee of the competitions. Cassi? Barely seen her. Lawon? Ok, he still has potential. Kalita? Also barely seen, and the few times she's shown it's clear something is pissing her off.

They're not being helped by the returnees, especially now that Dick is gone. Daniele has a great chance to prove herself, but she just wanders around bitching and moaning about anything and everything. "Brennon" is like the old high school athlete returning to his school, bragging to the new class about how popular he was back in the good ol' days. Rachel is admitedly a bit more subdued (so far), and thankfully is back to ruling from her HOH room, but we know this change is temporary. Jordan is even less aware than she was last time she was around (how is that possible?), but thankfully rarely speaks. Producers need to shut down her mic whenever she's around food, though. Jeff remains his likable self, albeit in a vanilla way. Yes, you're the All-American boy.

I'm not giving up, though. Something worth watching has to eventually happen. Maybe they're all just a bit shellshocked over the Dick eviction and are treading lightly. Please make that the case, or I'm just going to use the feeds to aid in my sleep.

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