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Of Hot Dogs and House Guests

I have really wanted to do an update blog for a while now, but as most of you watching the feeds know, these people have really been giving me nothing this week.  There has been a lot of sleeping, pool playing, and working out, but not much gaming or drama. 

Tonight was not a whole lot different, but they did add a SMALL amount of excitement to the feeds when during BBAD Brendon and Adam decided to have a hot dog eating contest.  Before the contest each contestant got a pep talk. Adams came from Shelly, and Brendon's of course from Rachel.

Jeff was the referee/commentator as Brendon and Adam faced off against each other to see who could get the closest to eating 10 hot dogs in 10 minutes, or eat all of them the fastest. 

 One of the few actual game aspects showing up in this contest was the division of who cheered for who. Everyone except Rachel jumped up and down cheering for Cruddy AKA Adam while Rachel alternately cheered "Come one Brennon! You got this babe!" and "If you gotta puke Brennon use this trash bag I'm holding"



Adam pulled WAY ahead from the start of the competition and Brendon actually started shaking and did look like he might puke.


Adam just kept powering them down until he was done and then finished off his victory of 10 hotdogs in a little over 4 minutes by slurping down a raw egg.

Then everyone celebrated.



And that was pretty much all the excitement the feeds have had to offer for the last two days.

In other smaller news, later on in the evening Daniele got very drunk and made a lot of nonsense talk to Kalia about how much she adores her and how they are in an alliance together (duh?), and Brenchel got into a small spat ending with them telling each other they are getting married and want to have each others babies etc.. etc.. circle circle circle ....

As I am typing this, JeJo are currently chatting with Shelly about whether or not she is entirely on board with them or not, and deciding whether or not they want to vote out Brendon, but at this point in time it's looking like he is the one to go and Shelly will be staying.  This has been a strange week and a strange season, so the vote is always subject to change, but as of now it looks like we might wave bye bye to Brendon one more time this year. 

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