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And It All Comes Crashing Down.

The last post generated A LOT of comments and discussion - welcome the new folks participating!

When we last left our House Guests we saw Shelly talking to Jordan and seemingly her plan to try to save Daniele was in doubt, while she wasn't totally ratting out Daniele she was saying things Daniele hadn't really said in the given timeline.   So this morning when I woke I hoped to see that she had gone back to Daniele and told her she was still working with her - OR there had been some really good drama - but I discovered neither had really happened.

Then, being one that actually hopes Daniele stays because I think she will bring more to the show than Kalia, I watched as Shelly ramped up the Save Daniele machine again today - talking to Daniele, Porsche and Adam - discussing with Daniele what to do to sway Adam.  We saw Adam comtemplating things it seemed.  My hopes rose that even though the odds were slip there was a chance Adam might vote to evict Kalia.

Alas this evening I watched as Jeff and Adam worked out and Adam proceeded to reveal that Daniele has been campaigning to stay but he tells Jeff that he doesn't trust Daniele and wants her gone - even though he isn't telling Daniele this.  I think this is the truth and Adam isn't going to flip and vote out Kalia.

So those that want Kalia out - sorry - she's gonna be around for at least 20 minutes longer than Danile (since there is a double eviction) - those that want Daniele out - your wish is going to be granted.

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