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Are You Done?

I'm curious about something that I'm seeing going around the whole Big Brother interwebs thingamajigger. It seems as though a lot of people are really upset about the way things stand in the house right now and are saying they're going to quit watching Big Brother (or at least they're threatening to). Let's try to put some things into perspective here.

The Big Brother house was filled with either snowflakes, demon seed, or invisible capes this season. OK, that's a little exaggerated but you could really put everybody in the house into one of those three categories. Some of the evicted ones went away mad but mostly they just went away. What we have left in the house is a big ol' honkin' mess of peeps - some of which are still trying to figure out the game.

First, there's the bigger and newer model HOH Porsche. Alrighty then, moving along. Next up we have chip-chomping Kalia. Yeah, I thought so. Then there's Mr. Fur Jacket Adam. Snooze. Why hello there always honorable and never lying kleptomaniac Shelly. We also have Vegas herself - Miss Rachel O'Reilly. Finally, there's the ultimate coattail-hanger-on Jordan. (Did I offend any of you with that? If so, please forgive me.)

You have got to be kidding me if you don't think that these people are kinda hilarious at this point. Who would have guessed that at this point in the season there would be THESE people left in the house? And people are going to quit watching now? Why? Just because Big Jeff left the house? Just because Darling Dani was evicted? You can't tell me that it won't be fun to watch all of these air-headed lunatics play the game.

So are you in or out? Come on, you know you wanna. What do you think the El Camino is going to do during her reign of terror? Who's going to break first - Shelly, Jordan, or Rachel? Come on everybody, what are you thinking about the turn of events over the last day or so? Lay it all down in the comments and vent it out. Then we're all going to hug and have a huge ice cream party! Ha!

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