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Big Brother Season 13, Episode 24 Recap

Judging by the comments posted after my last recap, more than a few people aren’t big fans of my cynical views of the past few episodes. Sorry, but it is just tough to be excited about a season with lackluster contestants and a heavy-handed production team that has meddled way too much throughout the entire run of the show.

I will give the production team a little bit of credit, though. This past episode was one of the few times that they tossed the tired template that has plagued the Sunday and Wednesday shows for the last few years. Instead of the show’s timeline running from post-eviction episode to nominations, over half of Sunday’s broadcast dealt with pre-eviction AND eviction episode activities. Also, Sunday’s conclusion was the veto “meddling” instead of the usual nomination ceremony.

This means that tonight’s episode will commence with the reactions to the Porsche’s announcement of the Pandora’s Box fiasco, and will also include nominations and veto competition before ending with the veto ceremony. For you readers, I’m going to attempt to be a bit more positive than usual. I may not succeed at this plan, but I’ll do my best. Really, I will.

So let’s get going with the predictable…I mean giddy reactions to the new duos twist. (See, I caught myself.) Porsche admits that she “regrets opening the Pandora’s Box. I was strong in a four person alliance. I sold them out for five g’s, and I cannot believe that I’m responsible for bringing the horrible duo twist back to Big Brother.” Kalia asks Porsche what enticed her, and Jordan answers for her – “it was money”. In case you’re not sure what’s going on, Kalia then describes that this new twist would bring both Jordan and Rachel off the block if they win the veto.

Porsche and the rest of the noobs congregate in one of the bedrooms while Rachel and Jordan head outside to celebrate. It’s a “new lease on life”, says Rachel. Jordan doesn’t look as excited as Rachel, however, because she wonders what Porsche wants. She wants a HOH with a Pandora’s Box. Rachel continues on, talking about how things haven’t gone well for them the last few weeks but they can turn it around by a veto win. “If…I mean when we win the veto, Shelly and Adam go up…this is our chance for redemption”. (I’m refraining from commenting here.)

Back in the bedroom, Kalia complains that all was perfect yesterday. “It’s still perfect now”, replies the ever-optimistic Adam. Porsche admits that she received five thousand bucks, and Kalia is shocked. Shelly, though, looks a bit down, and when Porsche asks her what is wrong she says she’s trying to figure out who should go up. Um, Shelly, that decision has been made for you already. In case the viewers don’t understand, Adam explains that the noobs HAVE to win the veto to ensure that either Rachel or Jordan goes home. Shelly now figures it out, and whines that Porsche has more “stuff in her chest than in her head”. Once out of the room, Porsche informs Kalia that she also received five thousand bucks. Kalia, as you may imagine, is not so bummed now.

It’s now nomination time, and even Jordan realizes that this is just for the cameras. It’s all about winning the veto. We still go through the motions, though, and Rachel and Jordan are put up. The segment ends with everybody promising to win the veto.

After a commercial break, Rachel and Jordan are commiserating over a comment that Porsche made in the ceremony on how they never talk to Porsche. They decide that they will indeed befriend her, but Jordan wants to wait a bit. Rachel is still saying that they HAVE to win the veto. Yes, we get it already. (Ooops, sorry.)

Jordan finally does head upstairs to talk to a surprised Porsche and Kalia. “Since they’re all outside smoking, can we just talk and get it over with?” Hmmm, interesting intro. Rachel joins them, and Jordan says in the diary room that Rachel “is the worst at talking to people”. Jordan babbles a mile a minute about how everybody has been carrying Adam and Shelly all week long. Jordan even throws in a Rachel gig, which makes Rachel laugh. The idea is to make a final four deal. Porsche admits in the diary room that she doesn’t want to work with them, but is still winning. They duo leave, and Kalia and Porsche are once again feeling pretty good about themselves.

We now switch to Shelly in the bathroom, and Jordan walks in. Shelly says hello, but Jordan ignores her. Shelly admits that she is hurt, and heads outside to talk to Adam. She tells him that she made a big move, and although many others were involved she is taking the heat. Her goal is to “write a new story, and give it a better ending”. She continues on about how the game is not “about being safe”, but Adam admits in the diary room that he’s not that interested except for the fact that it is furthering his game. This carries on as Shelly says in the diary room that she is only playing for her husband and child, and “they haven’t seen ruthless yet. They will, because I will fight to win that veto and I will fight to watch them go out of this house.”

It is veto competition time, and there’s no meeting ahead of time since everybody will be playing. They walk out to see dummies of their original partners. After a few witty comments about seeing these ousted players once again, Porsche describes how they all have to hang on to their old partners once again. Yes, yes, yes, this is the “most critical veto of the season”.

The buzzer rings, and the players are lifted up in the air. Rachel notes that most of the players are primarily using their arms, and she’s going to do what she does best – wrap her strong legs around “Brendon” and hold on tight. Sure enough, in less than three minutes Adam and Kalia are already struggling. It’s quite funny to hear Adam again say that he HAS to win this veto, and then almost immediately drop off at the 4:34 mark. Shelly says she’s “absolutely disgusted”.

At the 8:37 mark, Jordan also drops. Now Rachel is a bit bummed, but she is going to pull it out for the two of them. Around the ten minute mark, Kalia farts…yes, really, although she denies it. Shelly begins to struggle at the twelve minute mark due to her back and arms. Jordan mouths to Rachel how sorry she is, but also notes that Shelly is about to fall…which she does at 12:02. She now has to rely on Porsche and Kalia, and Rachel begins to whine about the floaters just coasting by.

After they past the 16 minute mark, Rachel remarks that she is not going to come down, and Porsche is now struggling. She drops at 18:33. It’s now between a whining Kalia and Rachel. Yeah, you know how this turns out, even with Rachel claiming that she is slipping. Rachel again calls out to Kalia that she is going to win this one, and Kalia cracks a joke on how she knows how much Rachel loves to hang on Brendon. (BTW, Kalia also adds a diary room crack on how his name is Brendon, not “Brennnnon”.) Kalia finally drops at 32:09, meaning Rachel has indeed won the same competition she won in the first week! “This is for Brendon! This is for Jeff!” Porsche feels guilty for taking the Pandora’s Box as she has to now put up Shelly and Adam.

When we return from another commercial break, everybody is heading back in after the veto comp. Shelly knows that she has to “do some swift talking and some good planning or I’m going to be heading out the door”. She heads into a bedroom, while Rachel and Jordan celebrate in the storage room. Rachel loves the fact that the “two backstabbing floaters” will now be on the block. Jordan complains about how bad she was in the comp, but also says they can’t listen to Shelly’s bullshit.

Adam is in a bedroom complaining about how awful he has been throughout the entire season, especially being the only guy left. Back to the celebration, as the girls laugh at how excited their boys will be when they see Shelly walk into the jury house. Rachel continues bashing Shelly for dropping so fast when her “life” depended on it, but Jordan doesn’t like that as she also dropped pretty quickly. Rachel points out, though, that Shelly hasn’t won anything “or done anything special” all season. Rachel’s goal is to evict Shelly this week. “From this point forward, Jordan, it’s me and you.”

Porsche and a bandaged Kalia are whining in the storage room, but Kalia’s goal is to separate Jordan from Rachel. “Remember, I’ve never broken my word to her.” She also points out that Shelly and Adam have done nothing all season. “Honestly, they’re no better than Jordan.” Since Plan A didn’t work, they have to move on to Plan B, which is working with Rachel.

Shelly finally moves out of the bedroom, and heads into the have-not room to ask Jordan if they can talk. “You gonna jump down my throat”, she responds. Shelly says in the diary room that she wants to clear the air with somebody she respects so much if she is indeed leaving this week. Jordan apologizes for her part in Thursday’s fight, and Shelly breaks down in tears as she claims that she realized in the past week that she was putting Jeff and Jordan ahead of her own family. “I actually tortured over this decision. At the point of it happening, I knew that were insurmountable consequences and I have paid the ultimate price for it.” She adds that at the end, Jordan would have made the same move if it was between her and Jeff. Jordan responds that she was at her “breaking point”, and although they hug and make up, Rachel says she doesn’t think she could ever trust her again. “I’ll forgive Shelly, but I definitely won’t forget.”

After another break, Shelly is back to work on Rachel and Jordan. She says that if they work together, she knows that she won’t make the final two. “You guys will be in complete control, but if I can help you guys get where you want to go, I am happy to help. I can only beg for forgiveness. I can’t change what has happened.” Rachel, who had been grinning through this entire speech, says that they will need help with the votes in the next round. She wants Kalia out next, and Shelly vows on God and her family that she will not go against the two of them. Shelly does not want Kalia, Porsche, or Adam in the final two slots. She even says that she’ll quit if it is between her and either of them to make the final HOH. In the diary room, though, she admits that she’s just doing whatever it takes to make it further in the game.

It is now time for the veto ceremony, and although they still have Rachel and the rest of the house goes through the motions, there is only one possible outcome. Rachel indeed takes herself and Jordan off the block, and they’re replaced by Adam and Shelly. We leave with the usual celebrations from Rachel and Jordan, and promises of fighting to survive from Shelly and Adam.

So that’s it! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Your thoughts on the Pandora’s Box twist? Shelly’s apology? The worthlessness of Adam in any competition? Was I positive enough for you guys this time? Any other comments? Please let us know!

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funny recap
September 1, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterjay

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